What's the best keyboard?

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I'm going to buy a keyboard for my powerbook, just wandering what's around... I've only found macally apart from Apple pro. I used the apple pro earlier when I had my tower and was quite satisfied. But it never hurts to check if there's anything better.



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    eupfhoriaeupfhoria Posts: 257member
    I like the pro.
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    junkyard dawgjunkyard dawg Posts: 2,801member
    I like Apple's pro keyboard. For me the touch is perfect, it allows me to type very fast without fatigue.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    As many people here know, I like the white Pro Keyboard better than the Black. There's a slight difference even though some people (including Apple) say there isn't.
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    gspottergspotter Posts: 342member
    I prefer my old Extended Keyboard II to the current pro keyboard. As it is an ADB keyboard, you cannot use it on your powerbook (at least without an adaptor).

    You could also use the Logitech or Microsoft keyboards (as long as you can live with a windows key )

    I would like Apple to build something like the <a href="http://www.goldtouch.com/purchase/usbkeyboard.html"; target="_blank">goldtouch keyboard</a>. At least Apple was the first computer manufacturer that offered an ergonomic keyboard (the Apple Adjustable Keyboard)

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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    I find the current Apple keyboards to be good, much better than the shoddy $10 keyboards you find with cheap PCs and the like. The Apple Extended II is an awesome keyboard, get one if you can use it (which you cannot) - unfortunately mine broke on me, grr, the r key got messed up (though the keyboard is a good 15 years old now).

    Anyways, I replaced my Extended II with a (run for the hills!) Microsoft Natural keyboard pro, the ergo kind. Actually, I went all ergonomic and got the M$ Trackball Explorer too (you would not know my system is a mac if the monitors are off and you did not look under the desk)... I like the ergo keyboard, nice tactile feedback, almost similar to the Extended II (not as fast though), though you'll have to live with the "windows" button for "option"... and a whole bunch of useless (in OS X) buttons on the top... It's also as loud as the Extended II too

    I type about a good 110 wpm with the MS keyboard FWIW (about 100 with other keyboards, but that's because I'm used to the MS)...
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    falkolfalkol Posts: 59member
    I use a Macally iKey on my iBook, and it's okay. Can't compare it to the current Pro Keyboard, only to the first generation iMac keyboard, and compared to that it feels slightly softer, but it is lighter. I am satisfied with it, and it's a bit cheaper than the Pro Keaboard.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I also think there's a difference between the white and black pro keyboards. I also prefer the white one. My brother has a black pro keyboard and it feels a bit like the old Apple Design Keyboard - soft and a bit mushy. My Extended I (not II, the I was larger and louder, if that's possible) is wonderful but it's too big, heavy, and loud.

    Yesterday at the Apple Store, I tried out an eMac with the white keyboard after the keynote. The white keyboard is better than the black one, as it's almost as quiet but has a much sharper feel without being too stiff. I think I'll get one when I get a new computer (with USB )
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    I have the Microsoft Office keyboard. Its loaded and it may not look as good as the Apple Pro but its better than the MacAlly and it has more features than both.
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