iMac AND iBook nearly missing from the Apple Store...

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If you fake buying an iMac at the Apple Store you get a 7 days est. shipping. That is what we should expect...

But if you fake buying an iBook you get exactly the same 7 days delay... (I got 1-2 days last week)

Powerbook 5 days.

PowerMac 3 days.

Does that mean we will get no new pro G4-G5, but a new revolutionary device merging iBook and iMac?


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    it means that we need to wait about 5 more days before we probably see anything in the est. shipping column. there will be new powermacs cause their on a 6 month cycle and it would kill apple if they didn't.

    just wait for a few more days and then est. shipping will become relevant

    powerbook probably won't be updated anyways
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    For the foreseeable future, the iBook and iMac are here to stay, as are the PowerMac and PowerBook. The iMac and PowerMac are 100% guaranteed to be updated at MacWorld to be as fast as possible. The only unanswered question is whether or not the PowerBook and iBook will be updated on Jan 7th. This depends upon how well they are selling and how much more speed Apple can throw in the desktops, for Apple would like to see some correlation among their offerings. If they are updated, it will simply be a minor one, likely just processor type and speed and maybe some other basic specs like graphics card. An update like this is bound to happen before MacWorld NY in over 6 months. If not SF on the 7th, then perhaps MacWorld Tokyo.
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    I use a

    Powerbook 667 everyday and I really don't need any other computer. I think it is just a question of time for the death of the desktop.

    Now I don't say Apple will do that now, I was surprised to see the est. shipping of the iBook jumping from 1-2 days to 7 days exactly as with the iMac (this is one of the better indicator of product change).

    All in all a LCD iMac is not far from an iBook.
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