How to get removable media to mount again

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Ugh. I feel like an idiot.

At some point in the course of trying to copy a fatally flawed DVD (an A/D deck translated a flaw in the tape to a flaw in the code—yay) , I got mad enough to click something somewhere that told OS X to never, ever mount blank media.

Well, that was stupid. Now I can't find anything to tell OS X that I'd like to be able to mount blank media again? I currently have to use Toast every time I want to burn a music CD. For a task that mundane I'd prefer iTunes. But iTunes can't even see any of my media now.

If anyone can point me to a way to get removable media mounting again, I'd appreciate it. I've had no luck finding one so far.

Thanks in advance.


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    OMG... YOU LIVE!

    Hmm... good one. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking /Library/SystemConfig, a grep, and see what happens, but it's after 3am here, and I'm heading to bed.
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    benzenebenzene Posts: 338member
    System Preferences > CDs & DVDs

    Or was that not what you were asking?
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    Originally posted by benzene

    System Preferences > CDs & DVDs

    Or was that not what you were asking?

    Not what I was asking, but thanks. For all the talk about 'inserting', that panel controls what happens when Finder mounts blank media. My problem is that Finder doesn't mount it as a volume, so iTunes and iDVD never even see it (every so often iTunes will pop up anyway). I'm stuck with Toast 6, which can work with unmounted media.

    A blank disc spins up, and Toast can work with it, so the system knows it's there. I just need to find whichever little bit I need to set to get it to mount it again.
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    benzenebenzene Posts: 338member
    Didn't mean to sound condescending. I saw that you posted at 2 in the morning, and just wanted to make sure you hadn't overlooked something.

    /me out
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