ipod/itunes being funky

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so-- my itunes says 9.5 GB 1461 items blah blah blah. however, my ipod only says 7.78 gb 1399 items. has anyone else had this problem? ive tried to update it and it still won't work. thanks for tha help.


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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    If your iPod is not on Auto sync with iPod, try that and see what happens.
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    swimmerswimmer Posts: 20member
    it's on auto synch with imy itunes if thats what you meant.
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Are you sure that all your iTunes items are iPod compatible? For example Quicktime files will not work on the iPod and will not be synced to the iPod.
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    swimmerswimmer Posts: 20member
    yup im pretty sure--still is leaving 2 gb off the ol' ipod though
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    swimmerswimmer Posts: 20member
    figured it out. problem was that some files are corrupted/ deleted of actual compy and cant be found
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    swimmerswimmer Posts: 20member
    but that doesnt account for another 30 items lost!!!! gaaaa!!!
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