My Very First iPod.

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A few years late but I will be purchasing a Nano tommorow...

What tips/pointers would you suggest?

I don't really use iTunes and don't much like it - what is the market leader alternative?

I often hear talk of installing Linux in the iPod - Pros/Cons? ( I can't even use Linux normally in real life... )

And oh yeah, I am buying the Nano purely for the Nike toy... ( and the Sony PsP is kind of bulky to keep taking to the gym... )


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    pesipesi Posts: 424member
    tips? is your friend.

    market leading alternative to itunes? there is none. but if you don't like the way itunes works, check out the above site. there is software available for doing things differently. but why would you want to? but if you're buying it solely for the nike kit, you will NEED to use itunes. no other way about it.

    linux? useless.
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