Please do something about the thread thieves

in Feedback edited January 2014
I know lots of visits and posts are lifeblood here, but some folks simply cannot let a thread go untouched by their opinion. What's more, they just spread the same opinions they have shared before. Now, normally, in a conversation with real people, I'd just say, "We've heard it all before, now please let the rest of us talk about what we want to talk about, regardless of your alleged superior knowledge," then give the guy a glare that says go harass some other small group of pleasant people. But, if I do that here, I'll get a black star or banned by the Mods for "making it personal."

When people who have enough time to post 5,000+ times in a couple of years show up, I know it is a useless endeavor. They are not posting to continue the conversation. They are posting because posting is like killing demons in Doom 3, it just ups the score. And if they can berate, demean, or insult the lower beings, well, that's style points on top.

Now, I have not been attacked in this way, but have seen folks who will remain unnamed, enter conversations for reasons that ended up being little more than "Nya, Nya, I'm a gurugod and you're not, so kiss my sphincter," by the time they finished their well-written diatribes.

NOTE: I'm not saying they are wrong about the subject at hand. I am saying that sometimes I'd rather not have them herd the discussion in a direction of THEIR choosing. The truth is that some really cool stuff has been made by folks who told these know-it-alls to kiss off, then went out and made widgets, apps and designs that left these folks slack-jawed.

So please tell the assholes to quit hijacking innocent folk's threads with their High Religion and stone tablets.

thank you


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