ITunes Activation Limit?

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Hello all,

I did try searching but nothing jumped out...

My question is. I have now installed itunes on 4 machines. mainly due to operating systems re-installes, i am still actually just on one computer.

Anyways, whenever I listen to a song on i-tunes I get a message stating that i have used up 4 out of 5 machines alloted for the activation. what happens when i try to listen to a song a year from now when I reinstall itunes on a new operating systems that goes passed the 5 machine limit? Is there a work around? Or am I out of lack past that point?



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    You can de-authorize different computers from using your music, or you can de-authorize all of them once every year (done in the account system in the iTunes music store). Then, on the computer you use most, just double click a purchased song and enter your password to authorize the computer. That will, of course, count as 1 of your 5 computers.
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    [See the above answer: was trying to type that when the cable modem crapped out and now it is slower than dialup...grrrr
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    It might be a good idea to de-authorize your machine first before you do any future re-installs. This is true for *any* software that requires online activation. I back up all my data and de-authorize all software before doing anything significant like a re-install or a logic board replacement (which I did a few months ago).
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    How do you de-authorize only one machine?

    I see the de-authorize all on iTMS, but no single option.
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    Originally Posted by Keda

    How do you de-authorize only one machine?

    I see the de-authorize all on iTMS, but no single option.

    It's in the iTunes advanced menu.

    Full instructions for both authorization and deauthorization: Apple Support
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    Thanks, but thats not quite what I was going for. I read an article several months ago, which detailed the process of deactivating individual machines. Unfortunately, I no longer have the article and don't remember the process. However, you were able to view a list of your active machines and disable them opposed to de-authorizing all or the machine that you are currently using.
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