10.4 Installer Error

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My OSX installer is telling me that my sestination volume (null) does not have enough space for my installations. I read from this that the installer is can't reach my default volume. BUT how do I fix this!?!

Any help is very welcome!


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,577moderator
    Are you installing the 10.4 system or an application using the OS X installer under 10.4?

    If it's the system, you need to format the drive using disk utiltiy on the installer disc or boot the drive up one way or another and delete files.

    If it's an application that isn't installing, there are a few ways round it. You can get a program called Pacifist which may do it. Or you can right-click the package and show contents. The look for a file that ends in .pax.gz. You can copy that out of the installer and extract it, then move the components to where they need to go manually.
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    Well, I hacked it to work. Traced the error in the installer log to the TargetSelect.bundle. I replaced it with the same file from another mac, and now everything works smoothly.
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