ibook g4 logic board trouble

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The computer is an iBook G4 14 Inch, I bought it in May 2005.

Machine Model: Powerbook6,5

CPU type: PowerPC G4 (1.2)

CPU speed: 1.33 GHz

L2 Cache: 512 KB

Memory: 512 MB

Bus Speed: 133 MHz

Boot ROM Version: 4.8.7f1

This computer has been working bad since March or April 2006, it suddenly created a second user and copied all files to that user. After that it started to shut down whenever it wanted to, no particular moment or application to stop working. The temporary solution was to delete all the duplicated file (which but the way were hidden in the hard drive). After this process the computer started to work fine for a while.

Little time later the computer started to shut down by itself again. Only this time the computer started to generate some kernel errors, all of them saved in the computer's memory or self diagnostic system. By now the computer also turned on whenever it felt like it. Some times it stop before the initial apple appeared in the screen, sometime it got through all the initialization process, some times it started to work for a while.... until it decided to shut down again.

I thought it was a problem with the hard drive been so full, I downloaded most of my files to an external hard drive (in one of those times the computer worked). It wasn't the solution either.

Next step: I took my iBook to an Apple store, to check at the "genius bar" what was the problem. Off course this was one of the times the computer didn't turn on. The diagnostic: the logic board has to be replaced, it costs $300. I was skeptic about expending that money in an "old" computer, under the technical problems i had suffered.

Right now I am writing this description in the same apple computer, after one week it didn't work, today it did. Some friends who know about computers think the logic board CAN'T be the problem because it works sometimes... that the hard drive might be the problem. What do you think? any clues?

Sorry if I bored you with the detail description. Thanks for your help.


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    The logic board can be broken even if it is working on and off, that is one of the signs of a failing logic boards.

    A lot of the ibook G3s worked on and off when they were having logic board trouble.
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    From my own experience intermittent working non-working is absolute classic for Logic board failure.

    All the crashes from the freezing tends to damage the file structure as well. Good idea to save data and keep repairing with /sbin/fsck -fy in single user mode.
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    should i actually pay the 300 or should i sell it as parts

    what would be the most reasonable thing to do?
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