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I need to buy a new hard drive for my iMac bondi.

I believe the Bondi is ATA 66

Do I have to find an ATA 66 ot can I get any ATA drive? What if its Ultra? Please exaplin to me.

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    how about you explain to us why can you cannot put a descriptive heading on this thread. "Help" ? WTF?

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    I believe all recent Macs use Ultra ATA drives. Ultra reflects the fact that data is transferred on both the positive and negative transition of the signal, resulting in a signal's data carrying capacity being doubled for a given frequency. It's just a mechanism used to increase the data transfer rate.

    An Ultra ATA 66 or 100 drive should work fine, as the faster drives are backward compatible, though a 100 drive will only run at 66 speeds in your iMac (the number just refers to the maximum burst transfer rate in MB/sec, the actual substained transfer rates are much lower anyway).

    I believe the drive supplied in the iMac rotates at 5400 RPM. I guess you could replace it with a 7200 RPM drive, though this may generate more heat. Other than that, a standard 3.5 inch drive should be fine.

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