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Hello, I need some advice about Final Cut Studio. I was thinking about purchasing it as its at a fairly good price with my education discount and I need it to start getting ready for student films we'll be making and such, but I was wondering, does it perform better on the intel systems, and I know its a Universal Binary as well. My current system is an iMac G5 with a 2.0Ghz processor. Im trying to convince the the folks to get me a MacBook Pro for Christmas, and probably have get a higher available clock speed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    I use the non-Universal version on a Dual 1.8 PowerMac G5. I personally would recommend a PowerMac or the new iMac (24" would be rockin'). I just ran through a couple of tests on the iMac 24" at the local Apple Store, and that unit is waaaay shweeet. I'm ordering mine soon, with 3GB of RAM and the 500MB HD. Should be more than adequate as my "fun" computer.

    I've heard the MacBookPro gets extremely hot, but can really shred Final Cut files. Either computer would probably be absolutely fine.
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    Yeah, I'd get a dual processor machine. Final Cut uses both of them so the universal version on MBP will be double the G5 speed. Because of the price of the Mac Pro, you may have considered that too but FCP seems to only use 2 processors at most so having a quad is not worth it ATM.

    I'd say the MBP would be a very good choice and because Photoshop etc isn't out for the Intels, you still have some resale value in your G5.

    I would say to get the matte display too. I used to think the glossy looked sharper and in some ways it does but after using one, the reflections just put me right off.
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    Thanks for your replies, I did consider asking for a Mac Pro, but I need a laptop to replace my cursed Dell Latitude and Im hoping most of the MBP problems have been ironed out. Im not selling my iMac for probably 2 years at least, as I got AppleCare for it and I love my iMac to death anyway .
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