Apple Parts?

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Anyone know of a place where I can find this apple part: Board, Front Panel (P/N: 992-4234) As well as the associated cable that connects the board to the logic board?

I'm putting a G4 system into a G3 B&W Case, this is the only part I need - 80% of the B&W screw holes fit the G4 board - (it's nice and secure).

OR: Does anyone know how to jury rig the G3 Front Panel Board to work w/ the G4 logic board?


- Matt


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    Any Apple Authorized Service Provider should have the part, or can at least order it for you. You could also try
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    bellebelle Posts: 1,574member
    Or try <a href=""; target="_blank">these guys</a>.
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    Thanks, I tried MacResQ and that other place - sent them an email asking them for pricing info and what not. Would be cool if I can end up using this G3 case to house G4 innards

    - Matt
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