Powerbook 867mhz ore 1Ghz

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Hi do it realy pay to spend the extra chash fore the 1Ghz model?.....

Ore is the 867mhz bodel more power fore your chash?


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    jmpjmp Posts: 31member
    The $2299 vs $2999 price difference ($700) boils down to:

    $200-Superdrive vs. Combodrive

    $100-Airport Card

    $100-60GB hard drive

    All of the above are build-to-order configurable at the Apple online store. So now the price difference is down to just $300, for which you get:

    512MB vs 256MB RAM (or 1024 vs 512 with the double-your-ram promo)

    64MB vs 32MB VRAM

    1000MHz vs 867MHz

    This seems like quite a bargain for $300-twice the RAM, twice the VRAM, and 15% faster processor for 13% more $. Of course if you don't want to buy through Apple (for example to avoid taxes), you can't downgrade the 1GHz model's options at most resellers. However if you need the larger hard drive and airport card anyway, the 1GHz seems like a good choice. Both apparently slow to 667 MHz when "reduce processor speed" is selected, so it should be possible to get similar battery life (although I haven't seen this confirmed, it was just mentioned on the macnn boards).
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    cubecube Posts: 142member
    Thx alot

    I think I wil go fore the 1 Ghz one then
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Purchasing advice, it's off to GD we go!
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