Clickwheel space?

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Hey everyone, just got the 4gig nano and love it. I noticed that theres a little more of a space between the clickwheel and the aluminum shell on the right than the left and the same for the center button. Is that normal? Thanks


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    anyone? Just wana know if its normal or not?
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    I really wouldn't worry about it. Just enjoy your iPod, and if the space proves to be a problem, take it to the Apple store and you'll probably just get another one for free. IMHO, I don't think a little space will really cause any problems... it's probably just a little cosmetic thing.
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    Alright, most likely all of them have the space i think. Thanks
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    How big of a space are we talking about?

    Can you post pictures?
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    Its a small tiny space, its noticable but its nothing huge.
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    Hope i get over it, ill take a trip to walmart and check out the others. I also need to find a case asap.
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