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Ok, when I download songs, I always delete the album info because I thought it made it easier to navigate through the song on my ipod. Now, I want to have all of them back. Is there software I can buy or download that will go out on the web and find and add all of this info?



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    What may work for you can be found in the advanced options in iTunes. Click on the "Advanced" menu item and then click on "Get Track Names". I'm not completely sure but I think that this will do. If not, I'm sure there is a widget that will work. I'll try and find one for you if I can.
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    That is called CD Finder. You'll have to copy and paste information and I don't think that is your best option, but that is all I could fine.
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    Thanks guys!!

    I am running IEatBrainz right now, I'll let you know how it worked when it's finished.
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    Yeah, that's way too slow....

    I already have the Title and Artist correct, I don't need to change anything but the album.

    Thanks for posting though.

    Anybody have anything else?
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    Did you try using iTunes?
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    Oh, sorry, I forgot to post about that. Yeah, I tried, but it says it only works for songs that were "imported using itunes". Unfortunately, all of my song weren't imported using itunes (dragged from a cd in itunes).

    But thanks for trying!!!!
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    It helps You Find All The Stuff To The Songs,

    Name, Artist, Album, Etc.
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