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    Originally Posted by Mac Voyer

    Let me update my post. While playback of video is quite excellent, the iTunes software itself is quite buggy. It hangs and crashes whenever I connect my 5G iPod and when waking from sleep.

    in iTunes listent to music via Airport Express, I found that if I tell iTunes to use multiple speakers--it works!!!

    it doesn't work with a single speaker--

    Maybe that slows down the bitstream??

    Who knows?

    ...but it works....

    It only took me 3 days to fiqure it out.
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    I just updated to 7.0.1 and this seems to have fixed the serious speed problems I experienced. I had to completely abandon iTunes because the speed was so horribly slow on my Power Mac G5 Dual 2 GHz that the program was basically unusable. Not anymore, the 7.0.1 update seems to have fixed it (although h.264 playback still could be optimized a little more think).

    I don't know what caused this, but on 7.0 it felt almost like there was no hardware graphics acceleration at all and the software had to read from the HD all the time when scrolling. Even the menus were slow to display. It also used a constant 20-25% CPU when idle (the proof of something being wrong), but now it only use 0.2-0.5% (That's more than 50 times less load and it shows!)

    Just thought you should know
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    YAY!!! 7.0.1 is available for PC now. Let's hope it addresses tons of PC issues with iTunes, including fuXX0red Coverflow.
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    I will restart and try but can't now because of *ahem* b1tor33n7
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