Airtunes isn't happening...

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Alright, I just got an Airport express for my dorm room (the college doesn't have wifi in any dorms yet) and I'm having some trouble with the setup. At first I just configured it for using the internet over a wireless network, and that worked fantastically. Now I've reset the airport (returned it to factory settings) and have attempted to set it up (using the setup assistant) so that I can use airtunes. I have a Bose wave radio hooked into the audio out port on the AE, but iTunes has failed to recognize it. I have itunes set to look for wireless speakers and everything else over the network seems to work splendidly, any suggestions?

ps. When I reset I had the ethernet and audio plugged in so that they would be there for the setup assistant... if that makes any difference.


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    bump and update

    it now shows up in itunes, but there's absolutely no sound coming from my speakers when I have the selected, any ideas?
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    erm, double post
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    Does it show the track advancing? or does it just hang on connecting?

    Try disabling the iTunes volume control over AirTunes in iTunes Prefs.

    If the track is advancing, try pluging your headphones into the airport. See if that works.
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    The track advances, and the headphones do not work either. (with the itunes vol. control disabled) Thank you for replying.
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