New iPod Earphones

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I was on my way to purchase (or I guess it would be Pre-Order) a new Shuffle. However, during my shopping online, I accidentally noticed that the Nano and the Video have new earphones - whereas the Shuffle still has the original ones. I couldn't really find any information about the new ones and how the differ, if at all.

Does anyone know what the deal is with these new earphones. And why doesn't the shuffle have them?



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    The new buds fit my ears better personally, they have made the size and shape of them so that you needn't have the perfect ear; they are rounder and smoother so they should fit in more ears.

    I had hoped the shuffle comes with the new buds, but I'd guess that they need one iPod to get rid of the excess in earbuds as I can't imagine the new ones are any more expensive to make.

    I don't believe the tech specs have changed, but I could very possibly be wrong.
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