Problem With Macbook Camera

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Yesterday my built in iSight camera made a change. Insteed of normally having the green light on while durring use (photoboth, ichat, ect) it now burns whenever the notebook is running (and even when its asleep. If i open photobooth to use the camera it just gives a green background and I am not able to figure out what is gonig on. Is there another program i can use to test the camera out with to determine if its the camera/camera setting or if its just photobooth? Or if you guys have any other suggestions about how to go about fixing this issue. I checked system preferences to try to find any settings but was unable to.

Please realize this may be due to me changing something I wasnt supposed to, I am fairly new at Macs and have been pokeing around some to learn them. I need to start remembering what i touch!


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    Not sure if this is relevant, but go into the Utilities folder in Applications. Open disk utility. On the left side, select your hard drive icon, then hit the button on the bottom middle of the window that says Repair Permissions. This may clear up some sort of "error." The isight light should not be on unless it's being used, I believe.

    You may also want to open Activity Monitor and see if any of the things running appear to be related to the isight. I'm not expert here, however...

    If you haven't already, you may also restart your macbook-- not sure if you have yet.
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    I just had a client bring this very same issue to my attention. I logged in remotely and tested the unit and I can't figure out (short of a faulty camera) what cause is. When in photobooth or any other application that accesses the camera, it only shows a green field in the image preview.

    I've tried a brand new account, logged in as root and fixed permissions - all nada.

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    just came across this thread now.

    same problem here on a C2D macbook bought in jan 07 here in Ireland as badllama.

    repaired disk permissions, opened up activity monitor as well and no success.

    any other suggestions??


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    got it sorted. its fairly common seemingly. solution here
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