Have you purchased your PowerBook?



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    [quote]Originally posted by bradbower:

    <strong>So, if you have, please reply stating which model you purchased (and if you picked it up or just pre-ordered), where you purchased it, and the price, if you don't mind. Also any extra things you purchased along with it in terms of accessories would be nice. Also try to give us all an idea of how, in the case of the $3,000.00+ PowerBooks, you are able to afford such expensive luxuries. I'm a poor college student, so I need some direction. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    hi there,

    just pre-ordered the TwelveBook or PowerBooklet, with 640MB RAM, 60GB HD, Combo Drive with AirEx Card and AirEx Base Station (without). $2170 edu pricing online at the Apple Store.

    and i was able to buy it courtesy of a generous loan from Apple co-signed by the Bank of Mom and Dad. on that same loan, i was able to purchase a QS Dual 1Ghz last March.

    (if you ask me tho,) as a full-time new media college student and part-time freelance designer [i'm not gonna get audited or something, right?, i'd definitely get/upgrade to a newer, more powerful desktop first, then get a laptop. i got the PowerBooklet because i definitely saw a more urgent need to get my ideas from paper to screen, as well as keep up with important emails from prospective clients. otherwise, i might've really just stayed with my desktop machine.

    oh, but if you have the money, which was partly my case, why not?
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    Ordered a 12" Little Al'book yesterday. My first laptop! i can't wait..
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