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  • Apple Watch is most precise wrist-worn heart rate tracker at 90% accuracy, study says

    larrya said:
    Curious - how does this study declare "best on market" when only 3 other brands are compared?  No Garmin?  No  TomTom spark? No Suunto?  No modern Fitbit, say something that was released after 2014?  Can we have something better than hollow victories?
    You realize that it takes a significant amount of time to perform a study, do the statistics, write the paper, then find a journal to get it published, then the journal has to do peer review on the article before it is published. It's not some dude in a garage running on his home treadmill and putting the numbers into his trial version of Microsoft Excel, then uploading it to his personal blog.
  • Apple's growth rate slows in Chinese smartphone market, report says

    When a company already owns close to 100% of the profits in the smartphone market worldwide, growth is not going to be explosive anymore. They've already sucked almost all the oxygen out of the room already. 
  • Latest Apple Maps update includes indoor mapping for Sydney airport, more

    sdw2001 said:
    Cool.  Now maybe the next thing would be to give it the real-time route-finding capabilities that Waze has had for 8 years.  
    I haven’t used Waze and don’t use navigation that often, but when I do use Maps for navigation it isn’t uncommon to get a message while in-route saying something along the lines of “You can save 12 minutes by following this alternate route” with buttons to accept or decline the alternate. Sometimes this has been to avoid an accident on the highway, other times it’s more opaque, but it definitely occurs. 

    Is this different than what you are referring to?
    In fact, I just had this happen this morning. Maps suggested a route considerably different than the one I usually take for this weekly trip, which I thought was strange. I followed the recommended route, though. On the way back (inbound), it routed me back the usual way, and I got to see why the outbound route was altered. A large power pole and line was downed in the street in what would have been my outbound route, and traffic was backed up as far as I could see.
  • Kevin Durant's life and times to be chronicled in Apple-funded 'Swagger' video production


    apple will never rise to the challenge as long as they are afraid to go beyond ‘family’ programming 

    Just like that huge failure Roy Disney, right?
  • ExxonMobil to accept Apple Pay at the pump through Speedpass+ [u]

    jfc1138 said:
    "Pay through the Speedpass app"

    Yeah, real win for ApplePay there. 
    Yes that would have to be clarified wouldn't it because using the SpeedPass App isn't any more Apple Pay than when I use my Starbucks App. Still more secure than a card I suppose (less total money at risk?), but otherwise...
    I refill my Starbucks account via ApplePay.
  • ExxonMobil to accept Apple Pay at the pump through Speedpass+ [u]

    jfc1138 said:
    sessamoid said:
    I refill my Starbucks account via ApplePay.
    Yes but you (we) do not use Apple Pay to make any purchases at a Starbucks store, simply refill the card app. Purchases involve a scan of the displayed Starbucks card barcode, not NFC interaction via the Apple Pay system.
    Not in the US, but I used only Apple Pay at all Starbucks in London. Besides, what's so magical about NFC that makes it so much more important than other payments?