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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook urges employees to 'move forward together' in memo on 2016 presidential election

    Maybe everyone can be more tolerant of others and their views. Plenty say they're tolerant but a lot of times only when they agree. That doesn't mean you have to agree with others, but you need to learn to work together. I thought this would be obvious, but have seen many be ostracized because of their views. For instance, Trump supporters being called deplorable's or saying Trump is like Hitler.
  • Government agency issues warning over 'exploding' Samsung washing machines

    And how is this washing machine problem related to apple products?
  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    sector7g said:
    weathers said:
    I'm not a Trump fan and I am an Apple product user, but I find it ironic that Apple (Tim Cook) doesn't seem to mind selling their products in countries who degrade women and persecute  gays and lesbians. The hypocrisy of either party is getting to ridiculous levels.

    I hate this particular argument, as it basically suggests if you can't save the entire world, you shouldn't try anywhere. Apple is a US based company and if it's going to try and make a difference it will have more impact at home, than in a foreign country. 

    No, it shows if you have strong beliefs, you stand by them. Not selling Apple products in other countries that do these same things would have a strong impact. The only reason they are doing it here in this one case is they don't think it will affect sales much.
  • FBI agrees to help crack iPhone 6 and iPod tied to Arkansas murder trial, but method unknown

    gtr said:
    If I didn't know better, I'd say the FBI (F*cking Bloody Idiots) were attempting a little bad PR payback against Apple by frequently referring to (now) being able access their devices.
    Since this came from an Arkansas prosecuting attorney and not the FBI, the evidence doesn't support your statement.
  • Oppenheimer: Apple 'lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation'

    I would agree. Rather than a drive to expand and innovate, there's been retreat to the iPhone cash cow. Apple could make it's existing products better. Instead they languish until they're removed from the market.
  • Building unlock tool for FBI could create dangerous international precedent, says Apple lawyer

    ceek74 said:
    If Apple is forced to create the "backdoor", I say Apple should open-source it and level the playing field.  This way Comey would have a legacy to be truly proud of.
    Currently, Apple is not being forced to create a "backdoor" but rather disable one of the security features on a specific iPhone.

    I think Sewell has finally mentioned the real fear, that is other countries could force Apple to do the same for them. Unfortunately for Apple, the cat is out of the bag. Now that they know about it, what's to keep them from requesting it now? China could prevent any sales in their country unless they have the ability to compromise a phone's security.
  • FBI Director Comey calls 'emotion' surrounding Apple case unproductive, says encryption needs legis

    Maybe Comey would like help in defecting to North Korea. I am certain he could gain great insight into what happens when a government has absolute control of their citizens with no privacy rights. 

    The North Korean government would have no compunction in forcing a company to wantonly violate any vestigial right privacy. Comey would feel right at home. Or he could defect to ISIS held territory.

    And I would like to purchase a one ticket to Pyongyang for Senator Feinstein. If my own senator supports the notion of placing a backdoor into otherwise secure software, he will lose my vote forever also. 
    Nothing like wild hyperbole.