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  • Some macOS Server services being stripped out in spring, including Calendar, Websites, Mai...

    So here we go guys time for some one to come along and write a front end for all the open source replacements that exist in unix. I mean there is no need to pay apple 20 bucks for something that is now worthless. Lets pay some one 9.99 to make the work of all the config files and setting and install packages of say Bind easy for the moderate admin 
  • Inside the 2016 MacBook Pro -- CPU choices

    I know this is vastly un-popular around here but i lay all the lack of updates to the mac at Intel feet. The missed target last year meant apple would have to do a spec boost inside the same year they do a re-design. This is not something apple is willing to do. So if intel had hit the mark last year you would be on a more current gen macbook pro than you are now. Intel is still flagging when it comes to hitting targets with Kaby-lake. So apple can take the body blows of your displeasure now or they can apple people who just bought new hardware with more frequent updates and anger the long term customer base. I think apple is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Apple is on a very predictable upgrade cycle when it comes to chips. This only worked when Intel hit the mark on the delivery dates for apple and the moment you slide 60 to 90 days out side the window apple is done they move on to the next upgrade. 

    Intel is hurting apple in this relationship 
  • Video: How to downgrade from macOS High Sierra to Sierra

    so you know it has to be a bad OS update when Apple insider post a way to downgrade. 

    Apple this is bad. 
  • Inside Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro: USB-C and Thunderbolt 3

    I just to make it clear they are going to give you 4 count them 4 40gbs ports. I am aware people are not happy about the dongle situation, however 4 x 40gbs is an insane amount of speed.  I like the idea they are just going to go here is Raw I/O  that is instantly assignable to video, audio, data, etc to me this is huge step forward. This says i can use all 40 GBS with a media converter to drop direct into a fiber channel array or i can toss another adapter on it for 10gbs ethernet or i can hook into 3 displays in a chain and a nice array. The combinations i can think of is more than i can type.  There are indeed growing pains to that i can not deny. I will just use the old adage of getting in shape no pain no gain. There needs to be a little bit of pain to get a massive boost gain in speed and flexibility