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  • Here's every Apple HomeKit product announced at CES 2017 coming later this year

    ireland said:
    Does a front door lock exist where I can approach my house and 1. Open my door without removing my iPhone from my pocket, 2. that has a keypad for numbered access and 3. that additionally locks when I leave the house without interacting with the lock or my iPhone.

    I want a lock with all three of these features. Not August—which doesn't have all three.
    The Schlage SmartSense does except for the first part. But that is due to Apple Security reasons. 1. You can have a location based trigger that will run to unlock the lock. You do have to unlock the iPhone and authorize the script to run. 2. It does have a keypad on the front for unlocking. You can set it up with up to 6 digits code. Can have a code for each person. 3. Using the Schlage app you can set a time delay for auto locking the lock. Several different settings. 
    I use the geofence to unlock the door on arrival. Easy to just pull out the iPhone and unlock it and click ok on the script to run. Can do the same with watch. I use the auto lock feature all the time. Have it set for 2 minute delay. Never have to worry about it at all. Has never failed for me. Plus with Homekit I can unlock the door from anywhere if needed to let someone enter.
    Real happy with the lock
  • Apple Maps vehicles to expand Canadian recon this summer

    dougd said:
    Does anyone use Apple Maps?  I use Google Maps exclusively.  I don't get why Apple thinks they need their own mapping service
    I use it exclusively. I do not use Google Maps. I don't like being tracked everywhere I go and then that information sold to others. As to why they do. From a number of reports published, including ones on this site. Apple dumped Google maps as Google would not allow Apple to provide some of the Google Maps services because Apple refused to provide individuals personalized tracking data to Google. They wanted to maintain customers privacy. So yes I only use Apple Maps and Not Google Maps or Waze Maps. And I have found that every place that I have gone to Apple maps has worked excellently for me. I use what I want to use and you can use Google Maps and let them have all your information that they want from you.
  • Apple Watch ECG app could arrive in Europe with watchOS 5.2

    Naw it can't come out for Europe. When ECG was announced/launched here Apple said they would be bringing it out for other countries.
    BUT all the "Experts" stated it would take years for it to be approved in Europe. 
    So ergo it's not going to be available. Unless Apple invented a time travel device and went into the future and got it approved.
    Or maybe the "Experts" are just all wrong again. As usual.