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  • AT&T might halt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales due to safety risks, other carriers offer swaps

    Rinsen said:
    Bull shit.y these people are creating such lies.i have used the old note 7 as well as the new safe note 7.i didnt get any issues.wonderfull phone.i phone 7 has lot of issues.but still they didnt have the gut to accept did.thats da way a company should be.we salute samsung and always with them
    Definitely a troll post from the same lead engineer at Samsung who designed the Note 7... The writing style & phone are indistinguishable. 
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  • Samsung cuts Q3 profit estimates by $2.3B on ending Note 7 production

    thrang said:
    MacBAir said:
    Samsung will still profit massively. They aren't dependent of the Note. Heck, they are far from dependent of their mobile division.

    Cutting $2.3bn from their forecast ain't chicken feed either. Especially as the negative halo impacts the brand overall n other sectors.

    Now's the time for Apple to launch and OLED TV!

    As long as they get someone other than Samsung to manufacture it. Samsung's losses are already buoyed by memory purchases by Apple. What really sticks in the craw is knowing that Samsung will still get a cut from Note7 to Apple switchers.

    Apples dependence on Samsung really sucks
  • Patriots head coach punting Microsoft Surface from sidelines, going back to binders

    However, nearly immediately, game play-by-play announcers called the devices "iPad-like tool" tablets on more than one occasion.
    Ha ha... "iPad Like Tool"... Freudien... Anyone depending on a Surface as a Tool is apt to like iPads afterwards...

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  • Apple to debut new Macs at Oct. 27 event, report says

    Yes! And none too soon... Bring it Apple!
  • Researchers expect 74 million iPhone sales in 2016 on strength of new releases

    Bolstering Apple's sales, Samsung is expected to see a net loss of future buyers as a result of the Galaxy Note 7 battery fire debacle. 
    So Samsung's exploding phones impact on its customers produced a net loss of future buyers? Sounds gruesome... R.I.P.
  • Amazon Channels may beat Apple to offering cable-like experience

    Where is Amazon Video on ATV?!  :(  
    It's sitting right there next to the Spotify app...  ;)
  • California approves limited testing of self-driving cars without wheels or backup drivers

    paxman said:
     ericlmercer said:
    paxman said:
    paxman said:
    Absolutely the future of autonomous vehicles. PodCars. For city folks this will 'change everything'. I just can't imagine anyone would actually own their own vehicle. It wouldn't make sense.
    Well, let's see if this makes sense then. Let's shift gears. Imagine this scenario:  you're in a rush... man, you're in a hurry & you've gotta go... right now... time is of the essence, it's here so you gotta commit regardless... you open the door, step inside, have a seat & live with the consequences, captive for the duration...

    Would you rather be sitting in :  
    a) your own personal, hygienic home bathroom or;
    b) on some convenient albeit septic, herpes-infested public toilet seat?

    I bet people will prefer their own self-driving cars. 
    Sure, if you put it like that. But I think that is just your own twisted vision and not a reflection of a likely future. Cars spend on average 90% of their time standing still in a driveway. Tco of car ownership is unreasonably high if you live in a city like NY or London. I like driving. Both cars and motorcycles. But I despise sitting in traffic. I'd rather read a book or the news. 
    My own twisted vision... so about this Looney Tunes Utopian Car-Tune you star in, right?... it has you riding around NY or London in some nasty public vehicle engaged 100% by the same unwashed narcissists who mindlessly carpet-bomb skank all over public toilets. Why not try sharing your bathroom with 9 other NYers so it's not idle 90% of the time... or partage your iPhone with 9 London hooligans to compare your present TCO against all the viruses you & this eco-friendly jail-broken self-driving iPhone will accumulate.  
    Your anger is making you incoherent. Your rage is turning you into a negative force. Fight it or soon you'll be that guy sitting alone in the pub shaking his fist at the world. 
    There's nothing more incoherent than deflecting a losing argument through personal attacks Paxman. When your position leaves you with nothing of substance to contribute, you do realize you can simply sit back & follow the discussion, right?
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  • Five years after Steve Jobs: an Apple with the courage to say 'No'

    jkichline said:

    But we already no Apple nos how to say no...

    new MacBook Pros. No new Mac Pros. No new iMacs. No new Mac Minis...

    What we really wanna no in all confidence is...

    When is Apple finally gonna say No to no new Macs?

    (nice article...
    Next week. Pay attention.

    The issue is not Apple, but Intel and their pathetically delayed roadmap. Apple had prepared features for a processor that didn't exist yet.  So we are waiting on Intel.
    No shit. Now my turn... Pay attention & try to keep up: My post. Was simply. A parody. Of the article. We all just. Finished reading.
  • Five years after Steve Jobs: an Apple with the courage to say 'No'

    But we already no Apple nos how to say no...

    new MacBook Pros. No new Mac Pros. No new iMacs. No new Mac Minis...

    What we really wanna no in all confidence is...

    When is Apple finally gonna say No to no new Macs?

    (nice article...;)
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