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  • Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently signaling the end of AirPort

    If this is true, I hope Apple will announce that they are not planning to produce a new Wifi router.  That way those of use with older Airports can properly plan instead of waiting for a refresh that quietly never comes.
  • Spotify allegedly retaliating against Apple Music exclusives by 'burying' artist content [u]

    It's one thing to not put them on featured or promoted playlists, a bit petty, but not completely crooked.  It's another to tamper with your search algorithms to punish artists you don't like.  To me that's a real crappy move that should be slapped down by public opinion and artist outrage.  
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  • Google Pixel revealed by resellers, shows remarkable similarity to iPhone design

    Uhh no. There are more OLEDs on phones in circulation than iPhones. Apple makes their money using old technology which can be purchased for cheap, then optimizing their software to run on these cheap machines that sell at a premium. HTC and Apple signed an agreement, which allows for the companies to copy each other, which is why so may iPhones have been adopting HTCs look. I just hope the new phone comes with HTCs DAC, which offers the best sound quality of any phone on the market. While iOS is more efficient on cheaper machines, I still gravitate to Android for its Customizability, versatility, and flexibility. I also don't like the idea of being trapped in an ecosystem, people should be allowed to chose default apps, and not have them chosen for them. I do hope that Apple learns that people are different, think different, and not just a bunch of lemmings.
    Your name outs you as a troll before anyone even has to read your comment.  The iPhone has the highest benchmarks of all smartphones.  So right off the start, your statement that Apple is using old technology and that they are cheaper machines that need optimized software is completely false.
  • Apple TV losing market share to streaming set-top box rivals Roku, Amazon

    Revolutionizing the television watching experience is I think Apple's biggest missed opportunity in the past few years.  There were all of these rumors about the "car" and competing with Amazon and Netflix on content creation, while the Apple TV barely changed and didn't become nearly what it could have.  
  • iPhone and Apple Watch Emergency SOS feature save woman, child after collision

    Great Apple Watch success story.  Although I'm sure other nearby drivers would have also called 911 given the severity of the accident and injuries of occupants.
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  • Apple announces thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C ports starting at $1799

    lostkiwi said:
    Yeah I think it looks great!
    Only problem for me is I have a MBP that is only 6 months old. So this won't be on my shopping list. If that wasn't the case however I would get the new MBP. 
    I have the first retina MBP from 2012, it's in mint condition and is still blazingly fast.  Apple has really changed my idea of how long a computer lasts.  Even though it's 4 years old, it literally feels like brand new and faster than any other computer I use.  My job assigned me a brand new Dell laptop this year and it's a dog compared to my MBP.  I actually don't intend to even think about a new one for at least another 2-3 years.  Although I wouldn't be surprised if Apple cuts me off with an updated OS that I can't use before that.  
  • Review roundup: Apple Watch Series 2 is evolutionary, not revolutionary, and that's fine

    Oh boy, here comes another evolutionary vs revolutionary debate.  At this point, I don't think there's going to be anything revolutionary coming out of smartphones or smartwatches short of a big breakthrough in battery, display, or sensor technology which is probably many years away.
  • With Apple's 'iPhone 8' rumored to ditch home button, 'Galaxy S8' leak suggests Samsung fo...

    linkman said:
    Wow, this is not surprising -- Samsung copying Apple on a cell phone innovation. The predictable timeline: Samsung makes billions from it, Apple sues, Apple wins, the lawsuit gets appealed and the award decreased, Apple walks away with pennies, Samsung laughs.
    What are you suggesting Samsung is copying from Apple?  Apple hasn't announced or released anything yet.  If anything, Samsung is copying rumors about a design some tech bloggers dreamed up and hope Apple will create.

    AI throws juicy scraps out there and you guys eat it up like rabid dogs.
  • Video: See the top 5 reasons to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10

    apple ][ said:
    Here's the #1 reason to NOT upgrade an iPhone!

    There's a good chance that it's gonna fuck your phone up!

    My iPhone SE after updating has an iTunes logo on it, and when you connect to a Mac, it wants to restore!

    I also see that many other people in the other thread are having similar problems.

    How the fuck can this happen? Especially when there have been similar problems in past years.

    Does Apple not test their shit?
    Go away fandroid!  All these reports of problems are just people trying to smear Apple.  You're upgrading it wrong!
  • Disaffected Apple Upgrade Program customers can now call support for iPhone 7 order help

    Good to hear.  It's easy to call people whiners, but if you sign up for Apple's own upgrade program and upgrading doesn't work correctly during pre-order time and you miss the release date, that's not a good customer experience.