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  • Apple releases bug-fix update bringing iOS and iPadOS up to 13.1.3

    razorpit said:
    There are bugs that are 2-3 years old now that remain (MacOS) that I never heard a damn thing on. Gets to the point where you have to ask yourself how often are they reviewing the feedback they do get?
    I think the issue here is that while they might have a crack QA team, they have no power as they are not the magical CEO/QA/Product Owner combination that Steve Jobs was.

    See a bug? Escalate it so that whoever introduced it, needs to fix it R I G H T  N O W. Don't let go until it is fixed. under this CEOQAPO that Steve was, Apple had insane quality, or at least way more than right now. Now we have a non QA/testing slanted non PO guy being the CEO. That guy knows how to make money and to keep the ship going forwards. But he hasn't, as of yet, even created an Executive position for QA. Imagine that, an Executive of Quality Assurance, with the right escalating power, to cut through the siloing that seems to be going on, where teams no longer talk to eachother. Cut through the red tape, and start getting those bugs that have, more or less, been piling on since iOS7 - taken care of, right now.

    This kind of EQA position needs to exist, seriously. Apple needs to stand for insane quality. That quality needs to be assured. Having an EQA with the required amount of escalation power is the only way to get back to Snow Leopard. I still love the way the software+hardware+services work, but.. seriously?
  • Next-gen Apple Watch models to integrate solid-state buttons & EKG functions, report says

    A friend just asked me why I don't have an Apple Watch yet. I was thinking "well, it's a bit expensive". Then I see an article like this - with brand new features incoming, and that is actually a better reason: "there'll be more features soon, so why buy now?" Guess I'm not the only one.
  • How to switch on iOS 12's Safari favicons for easier tab navigation

    nice callout to the cryo chamber label.
  • More evidence of iOS 10 'dark mode' emerges, hints at cellular toggle in Control Center

    This feature already exists. 
    Just put your phone in airplane mode, then click again on wifi. The cellular remains off. That's it. 
    nope not at all. You're thinking "Man! Cellular data! What balderdash! Why would they.. They must be imbeciles! Why have an iPhone if you don't want to do anything with it! Those buncha sillybillies! Just go Airplane Mode and be done with it! Then give me your iPhone, you don't need it anyway", instead of "Hmm, so they want to be reachable via phonecalls, but don't want to waste all their battery on  3G/4G/LTE/2G data. Hmm, they want to be able to toggle 3G/4G/LTE/2G Data on and off at will. They probably have a reason. They should get this feature. Let's hope they do.".

    Your airplane explanation is kind of like  if someone walked up to me and went "Dude, my iPhone makes loud sounds, I dunno wot to do w it" and I answer "Yeah, fill a bathtub and throw it in, that'll make sure it won't make those sounds anymore".