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  • Bragi unveils Dash Pro with realtime translation, enhanced noise cancellation, more


    I bought the current version of The Dash and it's pretty and even looks like an Apple product. BUT, it doesn't do anything that they say in the website that it's supposed to do. Terrible experience, low/poor volume, non-responsive controls, etc.

    They say battery lasts 3 hours. Nope, it barely lasts 1 hour. I spend 2-3 hours at the gym. It was frustrating.

    They have the worst customer service or no customer service at all.

    Bragi is a misleading company.

    I stick to Jaybird X3, which doesn't offer all the fancy and sophisticated health features, but the audio quality is GREAT. It's sweat and water resistant, not waterproof though. Battery lasts like 5-6 hours before having to charge again. 

    I think the Apple EarPods are good too based on reviews but I haven't tried them on myself.

  • (Un)wired for Sound: Using Sonos speakers as a whole-home, Apple-connected audio system

    My comment here:

    - I have a Sonos system and can't love it more. Specially the 1 in my bathroom. Good job on making It "humidity-proof".

    - I have a different setup that takes advantage of my amplifier. I have a Sonos Bridge. With this, I can use my Yamaha sound system. AND, I use Sonos via the Harmony smart remote app on my iPhone. That's a cool thing for me too. I have a
    Harnony "activity" configured so it connects everything. You need to set up the volume at a constant level, so it sounds well via the amplifier controls.

    - I'm still waiting for Sonos to come up with an Apple Watch integration. At least with a Back and Fast Fiorward button. When I'm in the bathroom I want to repeat song and don't want to bring my iPhone with me.

    Get a Sonos, it's the best. I bought a Bose wifi with Bluetooth, the one that competes in size and price with Sonos 1, but it's horrible. Audio quality is distorted and it doesn't perform so well.