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  • Apple debuts watchOS 8, coming to the Apple Watch in the fall

    I just hope they’ve improved Siri when using AirPods Pro.  
  • Evidence mounting that Apple is preparing alternative to Google search

    This is a TERRIBLE IDEA.  I was against Apple TV+ because I don’t think Apple should be creating content.. this is much much scarier to me.  As much as I love Apple my politics don’t line up with them and Big Tech Censorship of Conservative Voices is a HUGE PROBLEM.  I don’t think Apple would play it any different from Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg.  We will see more one-sided censorship.  How ironic that 1984 was the inspiration for the Apple’s ad decades ago.. people are now getting de-platformed for “wrong think”.  Our own President is censored on Twitter!  Does Apple really wanna be doing this?  I do not like this. 
  • Apple's AirTag helps you keep track of your things for $29 each, $99 in a four-pack

    eightzero said:
    Interesting the precision tracking feature requires iPhone 11 or newer. Guess that's an understandable technology limitation. My wife will be disappointed her new iPhone SE won't work for that. 

    I'll be getting a 4 pack; two of which are going on each of my dog's collars. Not sure yet - anyone say anything about the Find My app having geotagging? Can I be alerted if airbags stray from a given location?

    Edit: and the lack of a required subscription for this is a very welcome feature.
    I noticed that Apple doesn’t mention pet tracking.. liability thing or what?  I’ve been wanting something like this for my cats. 
  • Apple launches new Pride music page celebrating LGBTQ+ artists

    mrstep said:
    darkpaw said:
    mrstep said:
    I like Classical music, asked Apple Music not to suggest Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Country, etc., and apparently it takes that to mean that I *really* want to see those when I browse, particularly Rap.  I don't need to see their curated political cause-of-the-month stuff either - is there any way to not get this other content pushed constantly other than unsubscribing?
    Is this "political cause-of-the-month stuff" because it's about Pride, or are you against every promotion? Do you like Black History Month in Apple Music, for example, or should it be hidden from you because you haven't specifically chosen to receive such an event? Must there be a switch for every event they want to promote so you can go into the Settings and turn them all off?

    You don't have to listen to the Pride playlists, etc. No one is forcing you. Apple are a global company and their customers are diverse. By specifically excluding things like Pride month, they would be specifically excluding some of their customers. There is nothing wrong with Apple promoting Pride month. This is just you not wanting to see it at all.
    I just signed up last week, the coming lossless + surround finally convinced me to give it a try.  It's putting all kinds of stuff in the Browse section that I have no interest in and specifically tried to opt out of, this just sounds like they plan to run other one-off categories that I'm not interested in.  You can listen to what you want and see as many promotions as you like, what you're describing sounds as annoying as Samsung placing ads in their smart TV interface.  Obviously they're a global company which is why I'd assume they have a way to manage content, they're bound to have have things that aren't interesting to everyone.  So your advice is just have a UI full of stuff I'm not looking for - helpful!
    I agree they should have an option to turn off that stuff, just like the million different holidays in Calendar.  One tip I would recommend is to check out the New Music mix as it is supposed to offer up music you may like.  After a week or two it really started to dial me in and I love the music I discover thru it now.  Just make sure to “love” the tracks that you like so it can start catering to your tastes properly.