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  • IBM deploying 1,300 Macs per week, Apple users need much less support than PC counterparts

    When our organization first started letting users get Macs, albeit reluctantly, they had zero tech support for Mac users. We got by just fine.
  • Apple scaling back iPhone 7 production as early demand fades - report

    exactly. And for a phone that looks EXACTLY like a 3 year old phone.

    I mean who the hell does Apple think they are fooling?

    Tim Cook's Apple is so arrogant and so removed from reality it is sickening.
    The part of the iPhone you see is there to show you stuff and l let you input commands via touch. All the important parts of the phone are inside. What kind of visual changes are you expecting? You can always get a bright pink case or maybe something with faux leopard spots if you want it to look different.
  • Apple grabs record 91% share of global smartphone profits in Q3, analyst says

    This isn't an unequivocally a good thing. Look at what happened to MS sitting on the cash cow of Windows. Apple isn't struggling like they were when they released the iMac, they aren't clawing their way back like they were when they released the iPod or the iPhone or the iPad. Is the relative comfort of raking in all this money leading to better products? Has the increased spending in R&D added more breakthrough patents to the Apple portfolio? Has the influx of top "talent" from the car industry or the Watch industry done anything more than drain money from Apple? 

  • Apple recruits four TV executives to growing video team, offers hints at future programmin...

    Haven't we seen this before--Apple hiring top flight experts in cars and watches and health monitoring? It's kind of surprising compared to the Steve Jobs era. I don't recall Apple hiring mobile phone experts ahead of the iPhone, or music experts ahead of iTunes. As we've seen in pro sports, "dream teams" made up of high-priced free agents, don't always lead to championships. 
  • Three Apple PR specialists leave company for new jobs at Ford, Tesla

    Apple is spinning its wheels, and they're not attached to an Apple Car.
  • Apple could owe over $8 billion in European taxes, new estimate indicates

    frankie said:
    Depending on the tax laws you might be right, but then again corporations should be allowed to BUY our government and write laws that benefit them in the first place.

    Government in and of itself isn't the problem, multi-billions $ corps and billionaires BUYING the government is.
    I think it's misleading to suggest that Apple "bought" the Irish govt. Imagine this scenario: Ireland goes to Apple and says, "You can set up a simple operation in Ireland to manage your international sales. It wouldn't require a bazillion employees; but it would allow you to control taxes because of our low rates." In a scenario like this, Ireland sees a way to increase revenues at very little investment because 1) Apple wasn't already there, and 2) Apple's presence wouldn't impact the operation of other businesses in Ireland. Ireland is "buying" Apple's business presence and tax revenue by offering Apple an attractive deal.

    This is in no way comparable to, say, a heavily-polluting factory making big political donations to influence the creation of favorable regulations.
  • 'Apple Car' project to choose new direction in late 2017 - report

    The idea that Apple is designing software for self-driving cars sounds pretty interesting except that when it comes to cars, Apple doesn't seem to know where it's going.