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  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors


    Man, I love seeing everyone put their foot in their mouth here.

    Vision Pro will not fail. No way.

    The Apple hatred is always strong even in this forum, and it's on repeat. The only benefit, is you get to watch people be wrong over and over again. Go ahead, keep documenting how little 'vision' you have for the future, and I'll keep bookmarking pages like these.
  • Apple unveils plans to ditch Intel chips in Macs for 'Apple Silicon'

    johnbear said:
    That 10-year or older 720p webcam they haven’t changed in the 2020 MacBook pros but they want to change the cpu to an inferior product 
    There you are again! Raawwwhrhr! Get off of here you little troll!
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  • iPhone & Mac game engine Unity putting the screws to independent developers

    So if someone offers a game for free, and it gets 1,000,000 downloads, and it made the developer $200K in a year....

    That developer went from only giving Unity $20K total, to now $200K per month. In one year it will cost them 120x more. It will bankrupt them.

    That's the fastest change in price structure I've ever seen. Your game went from making you $180K in a year, to costing you $200K each month.
  • Court rules 'Memoji' trademark holder created app just to sue Apple

    Looks like this case resulted in a big payday!... for Social Tech's lawyers.
  • How Apple iCloud Private Relay works

    I love the direction Apple is going with this.

    I think they've realized they have an open lane to the finish line here, a set of features they can release with zero competition. Because they have the only business model that allows this type of innovation.

    But, still, I think Google and others will follow. Just more slowly and cautiously. And that's the reason I love it, it's going to make privacy more asked about, a more main stream and desirable feature. Companies will start competing on privacy, not wanting to be the most egregious offender. And I do think you'll see die hard Android geeks switching over, noticeable amounts.

    In the past, it almost seemed like companies were competing to have the most violations of privacy. Facebook is obviously a troll in this area, but what really upset me was how they bought Oculus and then recently required a FB login to even use your Oculus headset. They did this around the time they started banning FB users for sharing any Hunter Biden stories. And at the same time, they started saying that you have to have a FB login in 'good standing' to use your Oculus headsets. What's the worst thing that could happen, if my social media site has complete control over whether I use my entire OS or not?
  • 'M2' chip to arrive in early 2022 in a colorful MacBook Air, says leaker

    xyzzy01 said:
    New colours is probably the last thing I want on a new laptop. Sure, please add stellar gray, but other than that - just leave it alone.

    I'm waiting for a new laptop, but don't need one right away. The first thing that comes to mind is that both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air need better front facing cameras. Previously, I didn't really care that much... but the last 16 months have been filled with online meetings, and I expect that to continue to be important - hopefully less so, but more than in the past. The cameras are pretty bad, because Apple didn't care either. Hopefully, the last year and a half have given them time to fix that... even though we see that there is some lag, in that many devices just support FaceID and don't include the new Touch ID on the side button. With hardware and a large company, it takes time before a need translates into changes in upcoming products.

    I like the idea of going fanless, so MBA is the front runner on that account - I don't use the touchbar much on my current MacBook Pro, and sustained performance isn't that important. But I will have to wait and see for the next gen for a better camera.

    Also, with Apple now building their own CPUs I'm also thinking that Q3 is not a good time to buy a laptop, just as that's a bad time to buy a new iPhone. 
    Hold on, let me get my notepad out...... ok you said no new colors? OK, got it, and you said you don't care about front facing cameras? OK. Oh wait, you said you changed your mind on that, OK we'll get those better cameras in there...
  • 2022 MacBook Air will have 'M2' chip, MagSafe, 1080p camera, says leaker

    ireland said:
    Darn, my 2015 Air has an SD Card slot. Apple, ffs, add SD Card (MagSafe and headphone jack). Make MBA great again.

    First things first: dongles are the worst. If MBA gets no SD Card I would be forced into buying a more powerful, thicker, heavier, more expensive machine I don't want with less web browsing battery life than my current 2015 MBA (new battery).

    So I'd have less ports and worse web browsing battery life than my then 7 year old MBA. Seriously.
    But you're 2015 Air has lower resolution and only about half the brightness. So, if you just buy a new MacBook and turn the screen brightness down to about 50% you'll have all the battery life you need and then some.
  • Unity's self-sabotage with pricing will be a long-term problem for Apple

    "cancelled a planned town hall meeting with its CEO following a "credible death threat.""

    Important to note the it wasn't a threat from an upset game dev. It was an internal Unity employee who made the threat.