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  • To make crashes 'friendlier,' Microsoft adds QR codes to Windows 10 BSOD

    zroger73 said:
    As a person who writes code for PLCs used on industrial equipment, I've never understood why programmers use cryptic messages for error handling. Instead of displaying a series of hex numbers or a QR code, why not display something more helpful and user-friendly like, "Windows encountered an unrecoverable error while trying to read data from your hard drive. The hard drive is reporting a hardware fault and requires replacement." instead of "0x00000e9" followed by a bunch of other numbers that are meaningless to the user.

    First, how do you know that the hard drive has an error, not the cable, power supply, chipset or overclocked CPU? People are going to change their hard drive 3 times and get upset.

    Second, you don't do this on your PLCs, but Windows supports 109 languages. Every string has to be translated 108 times. Plus, now your panic routine has to handle full Unicode, knowing how to write CJK. Your font you have to keep around in RAM is now 10 MB+ because you can't read it from the hard drive in a crash. Take Arabic, for example, you need RTL support and ligatures. A lot of low-level systems work for something you can write down and Google...
  • New York law could allow roadside 'textalyzer' checks for distracted driving

    Rosyna said:
    konqerror said:
    They can do this already. After a major accident, they will subpoena billing records from the carrier. And they will go back 24-48 hours too in order to show whether you got enough sleep the night before, for example.

    Of course, there's no way to prove you didn't use a hands free system or even that you were the one using the phone.
    Not if it's a text message and, like the majority of trips, you're the only person in the car. Also, by Federal law, commercial operators, like trucks and buses, are prohibited from hands free use anyway.
  • Rising iPhone ASP in Q1 hints at healthy iPhone 6s sales

    Healthy? Ha! 690.5 from 687 = increase of 1/2 of 1 percent. They're not even keeping up with inflation.