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  • Banned Dash developer accused of nearly 1,000 fradulent reviews, Apple says

    This in no way represents what actually happened, here's a recording where Apple tried to blackmail the developer into forcing him to say that Apple didn't do anything wrong in order to get his Apps restored: Now we get this PR statement directly from an Apple mouthpiece accusing him of being fraudulent when they know and acknowledge that he wasn't behind closed doors. Disappointing behavior on everyone involved.
    This in every way represents what actually happened. Apple was not forcing him to say they did nothing wrong. Apple was trying to clarify that they did not make a mistake. They shut down an account with fraudulent activity, as well as an account it was linked to, which just so happened to be his.

    You say that the phone call accuses him of being fraudulent, yet nowhere in that phone call does that happen. IN FACT, the representative clearly states that by posting that an account with fraudulent activity was linked to his, he is NOT suggesting he did anything wrong.

    What I take from that phone call is that Apple is simply asking for him to tell the truth, which is that unfortunately his account was linked with another account with fraudulent activity. Apple didn't make a mistake and he didn't commit fraud. The only mistake you could argue that he made was linking test devices and a credit card to someone else's account who clearly has no respect for the developer program.

    The phone call I listened to was professional and courteous, and the representative simply wanted to ensure that he was on board with what happened. It is obviously an unfortunate situation, but instead of saying "Yeah ok, it's a shame this happened and I won't be helping that other person out ever again" he's more concerned about his own reputation, when his reputation was never in question.

    If Apple is happy for him to say he did not commit fraud, as well as that Apple was simply following procedure when they find fraudulent activity on an account, I can't see what the problem is. This guy is being a chance to clear his name, and Apple's, and he doesn't seem to get the fact that he has an SVP willing to work with him on this matter. I mean, Jesus Christ, show some humility. If something had screwed up with my developer account and Phil Schiller (PHIL FUCKING SCHILLER!!!) attended to it, saying that he wants to work with me to resolve the issue, I would never be so arrogant and petty.

    Just tell the truth! Apple didn't make a mistake, he didn't make a mistake, it's just an unfortunate situation that they're trying to resolve. Get on board!
  • Professor proves NAND mirroring attack thwarts iPhone 5c security protocols

    lkrupp said:
    And the typical user should be worried about this because...?
    because... they shouldn't be. That's not the point of this article.
  • Editorial: Apple's use of 'iPhone Pro' is a marketing label, not a personal description

    TL;DR: Long time reader, love what you do, but (IMVHO) this article wasn’t one of your best 🙁.

    I agree with the sentiment of those who are wondering why this article exists, although I won’t cause a scene about it.

    It’s just a strange, meandering combination of seemingly random thoughts that I couldn’t make much sense of. In other words, I actually couldn’t figure out what the authors’ point was; something like ‘The word Pro is a marketing term’? But what is the conclusion here? It seems like the conclusion is the same as the premise.

    There have been a few of these pieces popping up lately and I don’t even have any good constructive feedback to give you apart from the fact that for some reason these editorials are increasingly difficult to understand, or they seem to concentrate on very uninteresting points.

    Don’t want to be negative, but when the comments section turns into you guys having to kind of restate your arguments, it’s clear people don’t understand what your point is (as I also didn’t)—although they could probably state that with more decorum haha

    Anyway, all that aside, I like what you guys do so would love to see these editorials tightened up a bit so I enjoy coming here for a good read of interesting stuff rather than it feeling like a bit of a slog haha