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  • Apple One services bundles are now available

    bageljoey said:
    So, is there any trick to incorporating my family’s 4 different accounts into one family account?  Will it be transparent to them (like will they just have access to more iCloud storage under their existing Apple ID?  
    We have nothing linking us as a family at this point...
    Ya it’s pretty simple just add their apple ids and it will email or text them a link to join then everyone instantly gets all the perks.  You’ll need a family music plan to spread that to the rest of the family but with apple one that’s much more simple now compared to before since it’s included.  
  • Apple One services bundles are now available

    JonDiesel said:
    Does anyone know if I can get refunded for recent charges for the services I had before I just upgraded to Apple One?  

    Just yesterday I was charged 14.99 to my Apple Card for Apple Music but today just got charged the 29.99 upon signing up for Apple One.  

    Also I had prepaid for a year of Apple Arcade for $50 about 2 months ago.  

    Just wondering if there was a way to get that $$$ back so I'm not getting double charged (might be an issue for many).  Maybe some sort of prorated refund for those of us who have already paid into the services?
    If you go into your account and look at your purchase history it looks like they are doing a bunch of refunds on the other services after subscribing to apple one...
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  • How to pick the best printer for your new Mac mini

    I've had Hp printers for years with Macs with very few problems.  I usually avoid the cheapest ones and look for sales on the mid priced HP color lasers.  We print a lot in my small home office so I do wear them out after 5 years.  I currently have a HP LaserJet Enterprise m553dn with 1gb of memory it is really really fast.  almost like a copy machine when duplex printing.  with 10,000 page rating per toner.  best Hp color laser I have owned.  It's just a very big printer compared to my old one.   If you buy printopia for the Mac by decisive tactics then your can AirPrint and wirelessly print from all your devices.  I've used this software since AirPrint first came out and it works very well.

    Laser is defiantly a must. By far the cheapest way to print. We stopped using inkjet printers 15 years ago when they all clogged up.  With such cheap online photo printing from Snapfish or Shutterfly it made no sense to print photos at home anymore.
  • Apple assessed Apple TV 'dongle' to goose adoption of new streaming service, report says

    I’ve had each generation of atv since generation 3.  Each one gets better.  I love my 4K atv.   Using the clunky google interface of my Sony tv or even the new 4K Blu-ray player is terrible compared to apples. Googles interface installed on all the TVs and the crappy amazon fire stick is 10 times worse than apples.  I’ve trued using my sisters fire stick and it’s the worst slowest crap I’ve used.  Most of these complaints probably don’t have a decent 4K tv running hdr correctly to even appreciate the new Apple TV. I have a very large dvd collection but to watch a ripped 480p dvd after watching a 4K movie....come on it’s like going back in time so such a moot point to bitch about on a 4K streaming set. Just put the damn original dvd in a Blu-ray player if you want to watch a old movie probably does a better job of upscaling than some compressed rip job.  Personally Ill take a 4K hdr hd/cd/ quality 7.1 audio than a old mp3 compressed 480 dvd. Hulu handles 99% of my tv shows.  Directv now handles my live tv and hbo.   Netflix handles my series.  Can it improve, of course,  every iOS update every year polishes it even more.  

    Most complaints I see are the same ones the windows/android crowd would give. “(the big one) can’t pirate, Can’t modify, too expensive, want it for $40. 

  • Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max - the benchmarks

    Ya there's something wrong with their wifi network.  Probably a fios/frontier wifi router which are garbage.   We had a 200/200 connection with fios and tech guy setting it up would make a lame excuse of "to get those speeds you have to be on ethernet"  when I complained of only being able to get 25-50 on my phone right next to the router.  Hooked up my AirPort Extreme to their router and get a consistent 230/230 all the time.  Even with my current service of Spectrum my airport will hit 400 down on my phone so they should have a standardized wifi router that produces consistent high speeds like the AirPort Extreme.   For me, dealing with several providers and equipment and the gradual increase in internet speeds over the last 10 years when you get a crappy speed result like this one Id go dust off the old AirPort Extreme that they probably retired for some google mesh network and test on something you know gives consistent results on high speed Internet connections.
  • Attackers breach cybersecurity firm FireEye, steal hacking tools

    Wouldn't you think that level of tools stolen would be on an internal server disconnected from the internet at a company like this?  You would think this kind of stuff would have to have physical contact to breach rather than being able to remotely access it.  I just envision anything sensitive, to be secure, would have to be cut off from the outside world completely.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple's undisputed battery life champion

    Am I missing something? Article says the 13pro max lasted just under 10 hours. Then at the end it says the 12pro max lasts 9 hours and 52 minutes.  How is this miles ahead of everything?