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  • Apple reportedly evaluating Apple Silicon-powered macOS on iPhone

    I don’t believe Apple would simply provide a docking mechanism that would switch from iOS to macOS. 
    1/ They went through a great deal of effort to provide a good user experience on iPadOS with mouse and keyboard, where would that go? Forget about it and switch to macOS?
    2/ The architecture, the apps, the file formats will be the same but the file systems remain fundamentally different, at least in the way we access them: it’s sandoxed on iOS, unix based for macOS. So what would it mean? Everything becomes sandboxed on macOS? All data is duplicated? Both OS cannot see each other’s data?

    Anyway I’m all for a convergence, and I am confident that if any company can crack it this is Apple, but I don’t think it will be the way described here. 
  • Microsoft's refreshes Outlook for Mac with new design, improved mail view

    And will it use as much CPU as the current version? I ended up using the web version only...
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    It’s all a matter of preferences, and mostly the new MBPs give more options. I never use HDMI (airplay, or Zoom screen share) but happy to see the Touch Bar go. My biggest regret so far is the MagSafe connector: they should not have made it a power connector only but a full Thunderbolt / usbc so that we can still rely on a single cable for power + screen. We can still use the other ports for that but this makes the MagSafe useless. 
  • Apple faces higher taxes after G7 agree to global tax rate changes

    crowley said:
    reroll said:
    Apple should close shop in all those money grabbing countries. That’ll teach them!
    The G7?!  Lol
    Just being sarcastic :smile: 
  • France data protection authority hints Apple advertising may violate GDPR

    macseeker said:
    I think Apple's move in general complies with the European GDPR laws.  Seems like France has their head in a dark place and loving the smell.

    Please tell me if I'm wrong.
    GDPR, just like CCPA, is ultimately about a consent for some data collection on specified purposes. I do not remember consenting to anything in that regard for Apple ads or related on my iPhone or Mac. So if they are indeed collecting data then they would breach regulations (or I forgot I gave my consent...). I would be very surprised this is the case, and from what I gathered from the article no one is saying Apple breached anything, there’s simply a commission doing its job and checking everything is compliant.
  • Apple faces higher taxes after G7 agree to global tax rate changes

    Apple should close shop in all those money grabbing countries. That’ll teach them!
  • Apple could owe over $8 billion in European taxes, new estimate indicates

    I recommend Apple sue both the EU and the Irish government for damages, plus file a formal complaint seeking sanctions against the EU by the WTO.
    Sure. Apple, like many other companies didn't dodge taxes. EU should instead patch the law in order to make all these companies make up for the loss all these years.