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  • Citing security, Apple's board mandates CEO Tim Cook use private jet for all business & pe...

    Looks like we've gone a long way from the days when Steve Jobs worked for $1.00 per year salary.
  • Slower-than-expected iPhone 7 sales prompt Apple to cut production by 10%, report claims

    One of the things Apple has always excelled at has been the creation of demand; sometimes false demand by constricting its own supply chain.  

    When a product becomes out-of-stock, it creates a situation where the product is "perceived" as more valuable by the consumer.  

    When people in the press can't purchase it either, then the press will write about it in a more favorable light once the product is obtained as well.  This is something carefully balanced by Apple and a part of its branding, marketing, and supply chain strategy.  

    Look at it this way-
    People know when they go to a McDonald's they can get a McDonald's signature BigMac Burger but only Apple would deny its customers the ability to tender a sale.   No one in the press writes about how tasty their last BigMac burger was because they are ready for purchase.

    It takes a stroke of genius to deny Dieter Bohn his ability to be the first in the office to buy an Apple. 
  • Craig Federighi argues against renewed push for law enforcement backdoor to iPhone

    Overall, this is a good sign that Apple's security is becoming much harder to crack. I'm glad I asked Steve Jobs for high-grade security that exceeds military-grade before he died.
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  • No, Apple did not switch to USB-C on its new MacBook Pros to profit from dongle & adapter sales

    Of course Apple didn't discard the other ways to connect  peripheral devices to the MacBook itself. Dongles are really a  Midstep between a new way to connect all of your devices together. 

    Apple has a MacBook dock they are working on.   But nobody wants to talk about that new technology yet.  most likely, it's built into the MacBook in based on Intel technology if they were really smart when they read what I said in the email addressed to Tim Cook  about why I cannot access the three USB ports on my laptop in a virtual machine but I can only Use one of them in macOS. 

    This might be a very difficult item for most people to understand, however I am Malcolm Tucker.   You could read about in a published book, watch me watch me in a movie, or see me in a popular television show in Britain.

    that is all.
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  • Citing security, Apple's board mandates CEO Tim Cook use private jet for all business & pe...

    Looks like we've gone a long way from the days when Steve Jobs worked for $1.00 per year salary.
    tyler82 said:

    Make Woz VP of Engineering.
    You must be kidding... Woz is so far behind the curve on technology that he couldn’t design a thing today... and he knows it too.
    Well, I think Fusion-IO still a fantastic system. Wozniak had a role as Chief Scientist at the company that developed the concept and hardware before SanDisk bought the company. Now, the technology is seen in high-performance server systems sold by HP, IBM, and Appp... Oh wait, Apple doesn't have an enterprise server anymore...
  • Eddy Cue: Apple not trying to compete with Netflix or Comcast, seeking to be a delivery platform in

    "Death to STB rentals."

    Yeah, DirecTV tried that once and they were hacked. DirecTV *already tried* to create an open platform for multiple manufacturers of DSS satellite receivers. What they found out was that hackers compromised the system; and when there's a flaw in the system, people will get programming for free.

    At one point in time, it was estimated that 1/4 of all set-top boxes that were compatible with DirecTV and manufactured by RCA, Sony, Magnavox, Samsung and others were actually receiving service for free. Another the problems were that people in Canada were receiving signals for free in areas where they didn't have a license or broadcast rights.

    As a result, precedent was set; cable companies and broadcasters have to contain their signal; and they could be held liable for breaches; copyright holders can sue the distributor. As a result, DirecTV ultimately had to reel in satellite set-top receiver business to something they manufacture in-house.

    Apple platforms can be hacked; today, there are still jailbroken iPhones, iPads, jailbroken AppleTV set-top boxes, and hackintoshes communities still exist.  All these hackers do is compromise Apple platforms.  So yeah, I seriously think Apple should get into this business.  It will open up legal challenges to the gates of hell where Steve Jobs is sitting to the right-hand of lucifer, waving from his easy-chair, watching TV with a tub of popcorn.   After all, Apple's first product, the Apple I computer was priced at $666.

    I just don't see how anyone can reasonably think this would work.  These days, SmartTVs can do everything that would normally require a set-top box would.  Apple is too late and their platforms aren't secure.   The other problem is that Apple would need a presence across the globe to enforce US Copyright law and prosecute piracy and signal theft.
  • Apple to reportedly integrate AR features into Camera app

    Sounds just like the LayAR App which was released with the iPhone 3. Americans need to Make Apple Great Again!
  • Apple to replace batteries of iPhone 6s units suffering from unexpected shutdowns [u]

    Strange that Apple has waited until Q4 for issuing all these recalls, fixes. Last week, the SE model was discontinued too. Seems like Apple only wants to offer the iPhone 7 (without headphone jack) this holiday season. My recalled iPhone will have a out-of-hand cost £180 to repair, or they've offered me £200 off a phone without a headphone jack. Have they figured out the kinks on those magical earbuds yet..? £20 says they'll be recalled before Father's Day.
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  • Apple plans to 'loop you in' at March 21 event with expected new 4" iPhone, 9.7" iPad

    I need an iPhone 6 Plus S Sock. You know the right kind... The iPhone 6 Plus S is the right size. It can be filled full of rocks and then use it to hit executives over the head whilst asking "So what were you really thinking?!
  • Inside Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro: Graphics processing unit choices

    I thought we were in the "Post-Desktop" and "Post-Laptop" age and iPads were supposed to replace them...