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  • Apple One bundle includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and more

    I do not want even 1 of those services much less all of them combined lol.
    That’s why you have choices
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  • Apple Music launches Apple Digital Masters collection of high-quality songs

    davgreg said:
    One question:
    Are the files ALAC or some lossy format?
    Are they rental only?
    It uses 256 kbps AAC, and 24 bit source material:

  • How to get started with Apple Music, and squeeze much more out of your subscription

    I have been an Apple Music user and subscriber for several years, and am familiar with most of the features you mentioned.  But yet I had trouble following along with some of your explanations.  Also, a feature you did not mention, but one I use frequently, is the ability to share a song, album or playlist with others.

    I like the idea of Apple Music (iCloud Music) replacing the music tracks you own with potentially higher quality versions.  However, I have bee afraid to turn it on, as I once had it turned on accidentally (during an iOS update?) and it ended up either duplicating or deleting some of the music I ripped from music CDs I’ve owned for years.  So now I basically have my ripped music on my Mac, I sync it to my iPhone (iPhone X with 256GB), and then I have music purchased through iTunes, which is available to all of my devices.  Then, I listen to albums or playlists on individual devices using Apple Music.

    One VERY IMPORTANT THING you failed to mention regarding Apple Music subscriptions is that it defaults to subscribing you to a monthly subscription at $9.99/mo, but you can go into your iCloud account and change Apple Music to an annual subscription of $99.99, which ends up giving you two free months compared to the monthly subscription.  For someone like me who ONLY subscribes to Apple Music, and will continue to do so for years, it makes financial sense.

  • Disney returns working iPhone to owner, after two months underwater

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    chadbag said:
    hentaiboy said:
    No iCloud backup?
    If you have it set to upload your photos to iCloud, I believe you can set it to only do it with WiFi.  They may not have had a chance to be on WiFi during the time between the Halloween party and the dunk in the lagoon.  

    Yes. Manually back up at any time with Wi-Fi.
    iCloud backup will only happen automatically if:

    1) Automatic backup is enabled
    2) The iPhone is connected to power
    3) The iPhone is connected to WiFi 
    4) The screen is locked

    So, even if #1 was enabled, sitting in the bottom of the lagoon would only result in #4, and possibly #3, if they joined the iPhone to the Disney WiFi network, although the signal would probably get attenuated quite a bit by the water.   But, regardless, it didn’t have #2

  • AirPods Pro gain first firmware update since release

    Or, if you have the AirPods connected to your phone via Bluetooth, this will also show up in the Settings
  • Apple adds Windows Precision Touchpad to Boot Camp, eight years late

    Without left and right buttons I find trackpads to be a pain in the butt.
    It doesn’t take long to adapt to a one finger tap as a left click, and a two finger tap as a right click. 
  • San Francisco doctor charged with possessing child pornography in iCloud

    chadbag said:
    AI said: “ The system does not scan actual images on a user's iCloud account”

    pray tell, how do they get a hash for the image without scanning (reading) it?

    This article explains what a hash is, in a relatively non-technical way. 

    So, the sequence of ‘ones and zeros’ that make up any file, but in this case, image files, are run through a standard hashing algorithm that produces a unique code, or fingerprint, for that file. Change one bit in the file, and the fingerprint will change. 

    So, the organizations that monitor child pornography images have a growing collection of hashes, or fingerprints, for these images.  So, when files are uploaded to iCloud, Apple can generate hashes for files, and then compare the hashes to the known list of child porn images, to look for matches. 

    Hope this helps. 
  • Apple releases AirPods firmware 4.2 update for all models

    Does this include the very first generation of AirPods? They seem to have been forgotten for any updates, for quite a long time now. 
  • 'iPhone 12' event announcement expected this week

    Given that COVID-19 will prevent a live gathering, there really is no need to send out invitations two weeks ahead of time. 

     Besides, it’s really more about confirming which ‘sources’ know the best leakers... 😏
  • 5G iPhone launch unlikely to be 'massive event,' AT&T executive says

    I think that it doesn’t make sense to offer mm wave  5G in an iPhone. Mm waves require line of sight for communication, so you need to not only have your device out in the open, but also a clear shot to a mm wave antenna. At mm wavelengths, the radio waves act light light waves. So, if your device is in a ‘shadow’ caused by something blocking your device’s line of sight, it will either not work at all, or work poorly.  Verizon is apparently banking on it to claim the highest 5G speeds, but what good is it if it’s only available in 2% of their coverage footprint?  

    They also chose to deploy it in stadiums, where high density population gathers for events. So, what good is it to have 5G serving the football stadium that you visit...never?

    I thought that the purpose for mm wave 5G was to replace wired internet (DSL/Cable) with a fixed, line of sight system. Thus, gigabit Ethernet speeds without needing to wait for AT&T, Google, etc to rip up the neighborhood and streets to trench fiber.