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  • 'Strong evidence' Apple working on custom power chips for 2019 iPhones

    The Barclays people don't know what they are talking about. You don't need 1300 people to design a power management controller for a phone, so handling the charging/discharging of the battery and generating all those voltages for the SoC, modem, wireless amps etc.

    It's just another game than doing a CPU, GPU etc.

    However, I'm sure Apple has gained the knowledge after doing iPods and iPhones for the past 15 years.

    80 people is about right for such a PMU (power management unit), also given that Apple will move to in-house developed wireless charging,
    wants new power tricks (e.g. modulate supplies like AMD and Intel are doing) etc.
  • Apple's Craig Federighi offers aspiring programmer advice for the future

    More importantly, which advice did he give on keeping your hair in good shape. No software developer should neglect his or her hair.
  • I/O 2016: Google's new Home hardware takes on Apple's HomeKit and Siri

    No competition for HomeKit, because HomeKit is a joke. It's a missed opportunity for Apple. They could have made the AppleTV the central hub, but looks like they insist on buillding it around your phone (or iPad).

    I have an Amazon Echo here, loving it.
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  • Apple in negotiations to expand Apple TV+ with live sports, more movies

    Buy an NFL & NBA team instead.
    Boring NFL ? Watching a bunch of hamsters running through a maze is more exciting.

    I think Apple should stay away from live sports.
  • Unboxing and activating Apple's titanium Apple Card

    Only in the US.

    Maybe AppleInsider should make a kind of filter, so we don't have to be bothered by stuff never introduced outside the US.

    It's just a creditcard, who gives.
  • After a VR-free year from Apple, VR headsets deemed "the biggest loser" of 2016

    These analysts are (as usual idiots). Personally I don't believe in AR. Why the hell would I walk around in the real world with a headset over my regular glasses to see Pokemons jumping around or see immediately where my destination is. You play games to be immersed in another reality.

    I own a PSVR. I agree the game makers are still looking for the killer app. However, two games / demos stood out for me in the past months:

    - The Batham Arkham VR game, where you solve as Batman some crime. You actually feel being Batman, specially with the Move controllers.
    - Last night, I played the SW Rogue mission from Battlefield SW. You are in an X-wing cockpit and it's totally awesome to navigate through an asteroid field, attack a Star cruiser and pull up the targetting computer. This 15 min experience/demo screams for more.