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  • Apple iPad decline continues with 19 percent drop in holiday quarter

    CuJoYYC said:
    Lagging sales might just have a teensy, weeny bit to do with iPhone 7+ cannibalizing iPad sales. I know this comment is way out there, but …
    I used to sell my iPad every year on eBay after the iPad 2.  The lack of Retina was my only gripe then. So Retina was huge deal. But the iPad 3 kind of heavy. iPad Mini took care of that... but no retina. Than they came with the Air, nice and light. Then the Retina Mini (I had two iPads) Then the Air 2 added more Ram and got a little thinner. I haven't sold my iPad Air 2 but did sell my Mini Retina because of my iPhone 7 Plus.

    I think there is a reason why the iPad Air 2 hasn't been updated. Great tablet. No need to upgrade, unless you're dying for the really expensive pen and really expensive Pro models (with keyboard, might as well buy a MacBook at them prices. Which I did).

  • New HDMI 2.1 specification brings support for 4K at 120Hz, 8K, 10K resolutions

    8k at 60hz isn't good enough for me. I'm looking for 10k at 240hz.
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  • Advanced TrueDepth camera, Face ID "major drivers" of iPhone X user satisfaction

    FaceID in my opinion is superior to TouchID due to the fact there is no finger movement. It’s all automatic. Not quite as accurate... but close. 
  • Samsung continues anti-iPhone X crusade with three new videos

    Anybody noticed that Samsung is always using a unique looking minority as depiction of the 'bad Apple person'?  Next up: an Apple employee in a burqa. 

  • Apple's 'iPhone 7' to boast True Tone display, upgraded camera flash, capacities of 32-256GB

    Tom M. said:
    I'm very excited! The true-tone display on my 9.7 iPad Pro is absolutely amazing, and to have that display on an iPhone would be incredible. Accurate colors make a huge difference. And the dual-camera system sounds great -- can't wait to see what Apple makes able to happen with that. Given the dedicated extra 1 GB RAM in-place just for camera purposes screams something quite amazing. I think Apple is going to far surpass expectations on Wednesday with the iPhone 7. And, for balance, let me add that I'm not at all a fan of the headphone port going away. I like to listen to music AND charge my phone while at work, and I don't care to mess with wireless headphones. Maybe I'll be convinced that they are worth the trouble, especially if they can be recharged by plugging them into the Lightning port, as newer Apple gear (Pencil, Mouse 2, Siri remote for Apple TV, etc.) does...
    Wireless headphones are becoming the standard and will be soon.   It will be a lot like the argument of the BlackBerry users had for keyboards.