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  • Apple sues group that occupied Paris store to protest company's unpaid taxes

    Dirty Red Commies 
  • Apple working with Consumer Reports on MacBook Pro battery findings, says Phil Schiller

    Spoke with Apple Store today, I have until January 10th to return the MacBook Pro under my tree (that was bought 2 weeks ago) if battery sucks and I hate it 
  • What's next for Apple in 2016: New features & apps for Apple TV

    sog35 said:
    AppleTV 4 is another exhibit #40 that just shows Tim Cook  has no idea how to run an elite company.

    AppleTV4 should have been released YEARS AGO.  They would have crushed Roku/Chromecast/AmazonTV instantly.  Instead they take their sweet old time and allow the competition to make massive inroads. And what do we get for the long wait?  An AppStore.  Friken pathetic.

    Cook is a damn idiot.  He needs to be fired immediatly for being reactive instead of proactive.  This is just another blunder of Cook being behind the market.

    1. Keep selling top end phones with 16 GB. Pathetic. For concerned about short-term profit than long-term customer satisfaction.

    2. Taking too long to bring large screen iPhones

    3. Not updating iPad Mini last year, not updating iPad Air this year

    4. Pathetically weak iMac and MacMini base models

    5. Way too little free iCloud. No bonus iCloud for owning multiple devices.

    6. More concerned about thinness than decent battery life on the 6 and 6s

    7. Horrible user interface for Apple Music

    8. No 4k video for ATV4......even though the 6s shots 4k video. I mean WTF

    9. No traction on ApplePay. Hardly anyone accepts it. 

    10. Homekit is vaporwear at this point. Does Google and Samsung need to show you how its done?

    11. No live TV package. Fucking unacceptable. Even Dish/Sony was able to close a TV package deal.
    All good points but Cook is making money hand over fist for company as well as if you bought stock on the day he officially took over as CEO you are way ahead. Cook stays for years to come, Jesus already has a gig