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  • Stop us if you've heard this before: There's a new Apple Silicon killer in town

    I really wish people would stop using Cinebench for CPU comparisons.

    Firstly, it leans heavily on the SIMD instruction set which very few other applications do.

    Secondly, it’s RT library is Embree had Apple 2nd Neon SIMD disabled by its GitHub custodian - Intel (see GitHub PR330). Go figure why it doesn’t paint M-series in a good light.

    So please stop using Cinebench.
  • AirTags help Toronto man track down stolen Range Rover

    Fake news. Everybody knows there’s no crime in Canada.

    If the thieves were iPhone users, surely they would be warned there was an unknown ‘device’ travelling with them?
  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    JFC_PA said:
    darkvader said:
    lam92103 said:
    Excellent. Cant wait

    Same.  If Apple doesn't make these changes worldwide (which I think they will, similar legislation is coming in the US soon), I'll be ordering my next iPhone from the EU.

    It's MY iPhone, not Apple's iPhone, and I should be allowed to install any software of MY choosing on it, from any source of MY choosing.  Apple has no right to stop me, and if legislation is what it takes to force them, then so be it.  Apple should have abandoned the idiotic walled garden nonsense before it ever got started.
    Just buy an Android: Freedom!
    Or mediocrity disguised as 'freedom'.
  • Epic Games acquires Bandcamp to create 'fair' platforms for creators

    .   .   .
    another one bites the dust.
  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    So companies can no longer produce integrated solutions, we’re being forced back to components-based computers of the 70s. And all because idiots can be seduced & exploited by giving them choices.

    Interesting to see how they’ll disintegrate the European car industry, forcing BMW to a component-model.

  • Maxed-out Apple Silicon Mac Pro costs 1/4 what a maxed Intel one did

    I was wondering how many posts it would take before someone bleated “B-b-but no 1.5TB RAM option?”.
    I’d love to know what proportion of Mac Pros were even upgraded beyond 256GB RAM (stats & error reports would have revealed this).

    Shame about no 3D compute module.
  • MicroLED Apple Watch launch in fall 2025, claims new rumor

    Along with AirPower.
  • Apple's board recommends voting against all shareholder proposals

    I’m not a shareholder but as a customer, I’d like Apple to focus on creating great products, not becoming a Liberal Puppet organisation. So many companies are being hijacked by Liberals preaching civility, diversity, kindness & tolerance whilst endorsing the murder of non-Liberals overseas.
  • Apple FCC filing shows Apple TV-sized device with Bluetooth, NFC under review

    polymnia said:
    jason98 said:
    4k finally? Had to skip the 4th generation because it was missing. It is kind of absurd situation, you can record 4k on iPhone, but can't watch it in full resolution.

    the 4th gen was still a major upgrade, purely for the apps. i can't imagine skipping it over lack of 4k. first, because i don't have a 4k tv or see one i want to buy. second, because i don't want to pay extra for 4k content. and third, because i prefer shooting on my iPhone at 1080p w/ 60 FPS.

    by the time those points are addressed there will likely be a 5th gen...and in all the meanwhile ill have enjoyed real world value from the apps i use every week.
    I was surprised to get all the way to the end of the comments before finding the 4K hate.
    Very first post was about 4K.<sigh> Do we really have to revisit the 4K issue every time anything related to the ATV is discussed? Hasn't it already been discussed to death? These posts merely revisit the same points again and again and again. Don't take this to mean I don't like 4K, I have nothing against it (though its proponents drive me fucking batty!), the thing is: nothing new is being added to the discussion that hasn't already been said myriad times in forums across the internet.

    Back in the day on MacRumors every single discussion thread that covered any potential new product, there was a vocal subset that rushed into the thread to be the first to post, "What about the Mac Pro?!" even when it had nothing to do with desktops or anything remotely related to a Mac Pro.

    Once 4K is supported by Apple and the new 4K ATV is launched, then the same crowd will be back demanding 8K or whatever the latest new resolution or specification is on the horizon, filling the threads with the same (exactly the same) discussion about Apple being behind the times, blah, blah, blah. To even suggest this issue be put to rest invites a label of "4K hater." The repetition is old and the discourse is stale.
    Thank goodness they didn't apply your mentality to Retina displays.  In that case they led and the content followed. 
  • Apple again rumored to axe iPhone home button in 2017

    But they'll bring back the headphone jack in a Samsung-esque u-turn.