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  • Stop us if you've heard this before: There's a new Apple Silicon killer in town

    I really wish people would stop using Cinebench for CPU comparisons.

    Firstly, it leans heavily on the SIMD instruction set which very few other applications do.

    Secondly, it’s RT library is Embree had Apple 2nd Neon SIMD disabled by its GitHub custodian - Intel (see GitHub PR330). Go figure why it doesn’t paint M-series in a good light.

    So please stop using Cinebench.
  • AirTags help Toronto man track down stolen Range Rover

    Fake news. Everybody knows there’s no crime in Canada.

    If the thieves were iPhone users, surely they would be warned there was an unknown ‘device’ travelling with them?
  • iCloud Time Machine for Mac & new AirPort routers pop out of rumor mill - but hurdles abou...

    Not just for historical data access but to make current data more available & performant across all devices. Use in conjunction with iPadOS to allow quick & easy iCloud offloading (thinning?) of apps & data. They also need to  sort out collaboration & native app sync conflicts.

    @AppleInsider please get new forum software, this one totally sucks on iOS - can’t even highlight/select text anymore & has poor notification options.
  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    JFC_PA said:
    darkvader said:
    lam92103 said:
    Excellent. Cant wait

    Same.  If Apple doesn't make these changes worldwide (which I think they will, similar legislation is coming in the US soon), I'll be ordering my next iPhone from the EU.

    It's MY iPhone, not Apple's iPhone, and I should be allowed to install any software of MY choosing on it, from any source of MY choosing.  Apple has no right to stop me, and if legislation is what it takes to force them, then so be it.  Apple should have abandoned the idiotic walled garden nonsense before it ever got started.
    Just buy an Android: Freedom!
    Or mediocrity disguised as 'freedom'.
  • Netflix versus Apple TV+: how Apple is stealing mindshare in a too crowded streaming marke...

    Apple TV+ content is humming (love Slow Horses) but now the content is OK, Apple needs to flex a little. The future of TV isn’t service A vs service B, it’s how you manage all of them.  I have all those major services except Amazon (didn’t like the app) & I’m not even in the US.  I’d probably add Paramount+ and Showcase but it’s getting up there. They need to insist all Apps toe the line with search & channels in the TV App, I don’t want 6 different TV experiences, I want one.

    Maybe they should also throw in a few A/B-list movie rental tokens with the higher Apple One tiers to sweeten the customer base. Or B/C-list rentals with the base Apple TV+ plan (as they’re probably not in the Apple eco-system).