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  • Tim Cook: 2020 was 'Apple's top year of innovation ever'

    The sole purpose of this interview was to suck up to China. Being interviewed by a 22 year old kid is ridiculous. He should have thanked them for covid too, for being irresponsible and not containing it and spreading it all over the world. 
  • LG announces first OLED 4K UltraFine 31.5-inch display

    zimmie said:
    joefrank said:
    I d love a 23" 4k monitor to use two of them side by side, to replace my eizo ones that were 1080 but there doesn't seem to be any. Two 27" side by side is way overkill.
    The first LG Ultrafine 4K is real 4K (4096x2304 pixels) and 21.5" diagonal.

    The second LG Ultrafine 4K is fake TV 4K (3840x2160), and has a 23" diagonal.

    Both are pretty widely available. I snagged a used 21.5" unit earlier this year for ~$300.

    polymnia said:
    joefrank said:
    is it just me or are displays not getting ridiculously large? There's really a lot of use for the smaller sizes we were used to. And there's not much point for sizes larger than the already humungous 31.5".
    It’s not just you. Even though I much prefer a big display for my photography work that pays me, I have a Mac Mini that does nothing but host my iTunes library. I run it headless now since a nice, modestly proportioned display isn’t easily available. I’d love a small monitor with a fit & finish I’m willing to look at in the living area of my home. 

    It seems that USB displays may by moving into that space. I saw an article here on AI the other day for a 15” USB display that checked the boxes for compact & nice looking. 
    The compact displays like that are decent as long as you don't expect too much. They don't get as bright as the screens in Apple's laptops, for example. 99% sRGB, rather than P3. They're not bad monitors, just not great. Fortunately, they're also pretty cheap. A brand new 2160p (3840x2160) monitor from UPERFECT is $170.
    Hey thanks for the heads up, I will look them up!