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  • Review: Zens Dual + Watch wireless Qi charger is great, but still no AirPower

    bluefire1 said:
    Good review and a question: Charging the iPhone is limited to 7.5 watts, and the 29 watt charger is approved by Apple for use. I’ve heard that using the rapid charger will shorten the iPhone’s battery life. Is there any truth to that?
    This is true for any Lithium-Ion battery. With high charge rates there is a slight degradation of the battery. This happens slowly over time. Same happens when they are completely drained to past their nominal voltage or always left @ 100%. 80/20 is where they like to stay. Though Apple sets what voltage 0 and 100% is.
  • Apple opens repair program for iPhone 11 touchscreen issues

    Is the screen on the iPhone 11 the same or similar?  It seems I’ve been waiting forever for a new iPhone to buy that doesn’t have problems. Then my iPhone 7+ starts with the battery problem today. It was fine until I put it into power saving mode and when I turned that off I started getting serious problem messages about the battery. I keep the phone plugged in most of the time and had a new battery put in when Apple got caught slowing down phones due to battery issues.  This is really too long to wait for a new phone. 

    Leaving your phone plugged in and charged at 100% for long periods is not helping your situation. Li-on chemistry does not like that. Running your battery down to less than 20% and back up to 100% all the time dramatically reduces its capacity over time as does fast charging. That battery replacement deal ended December 2018, two years ago.
    Not sure when you had yours replaced, but if charging like that, it could be time for another new battery. Not Apple's fault, that's just they way ALL Li-on batteries work.

    If you plan on keeping a phone for longer than two years which I did with my iPhone 7+, went from that to an 11 Pro max with the original battery, try to follow the 80% - 20% charge cycle. While not practical to do that all the time, it will extend the life of your battery.
  • How to pay your Apple Card bill

    Received my Apple Card invite and was accepted this past Friday. As others have mentioned the whole process was very simple and it only took about two minutes to submit the request and get accepted. Received a decent credit limit. Today I wanted to setup my payment info. I had hoped this would be as simple, by just linking my payment to a debit card also stored in my wallet. After chatting with an Apple Card Rep, that is not possible at this time. You have to enter your Bank's routing and account number. Think Apple would have thought of that. I can understand not being able to pay the balance on the AppleCard with another credit card, but this is a debit card linked to my checking account.
  • There's a Space Gray HomePod shortage - but it probably doesn't mean much

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    entropys said:
    With the HP mini out, are people still buying these overpriced beasts? Buy two for stereo and you are in the stratosphere.

    It really needs a processor update, some software work to improve Siri performance, and a drop in price. A big one.

    Actually, I don’t know why Apple hasn’t made a decent soundbar/HomeKit hub and subwoofer combo TBH. It would have a lot of synergy with Apple TV+

    There is no Siri upgrade that you can give to the device itself.
    Siri needs a brain transplant. Or at least rewritten from scratch. It's total crap and getting worse as time goes on. Latest issue in a very long line is shortcuts just plain don't work anymore. "Hey Siri, run <shortcut name>" results in the light coming on, then promptly going out with no response. No variation on how I say it changes the outcome. Shortcuts work fine on my phone. The controls in the Home app are out of sync almost all the time too.

    I could list 20 pretty serious Siri related issues with HP. The HP and the whole ecosystem around it feels like a beta. I bought it knowing Siri was pretty crap, and though this would push them to improve it. But I was unfortunately very mistaken. It's so buggy I would never buy one again, and regret buying the two I do have (at full £350 launch price).

    I agree, its very frustrating. I've had my Homepod about 10 months and in that time I've had to reset and fully set it up again four times. Siri from HomePod "Who is Speaking", Dropped calls while making calls from HomePod after a few minutes talking. Not using my contacts to make a call for a business in my contacts, instead going to the web to looks for the information. Siri, send message to XYZ, sorry I can't find XYZ in your contacts. It works great for a while after resetting and setting it up again, but eventually I start having issues.
    At one point called AppleCare support and made arrangements to send it in for repair, but it started working again shortly after that, so canceled the repair order.
    My Phone and WIFI access point are usually within 15 feet of the HomePod

    The only thing that seems to work consistently is asking what the weather is, turning on and off lights and changing the thermostat temp, timers and AppleMusic.