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  • San Bernardino shooter's iPhone may hold evidence of 'dormant cyber pathogen,' DA says

    hahahahahaha, so this is what happens to all the seized meth in southern california
    This is one of the rare cases in which the comments are way better than the article.
  • Take a stand against the Obama/FBI anti-encryption charm offensive

    Anytime you hear someone claim Apple is interfering with the FBI, which is only trying to get valuable intelligence from the phone, ask them if they have a work mobile phone as well as a personal one. Ask them if they put any valuable personal information on their work phone, like the phone numbers of their fellow terrorists and plans for their next attack, or do they keep that information on their personal phone. As the husband of one of the victims wrote in his support for Apple, everyone, including his wife, who has a work phone from San Bernardino knew not to keep ANY personal info on their work phones. The Feebs expect, apparently with some success, that very few people have the slightest capacity for critical thought, and that all they have to do is use the magic incantation "TERRORISM" and everybody will lose their minds.
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  • Senate draft bill requires companies extract, decrypt data for law enforcement

    If there were awards for irony in titles, the "Senate Intelligence Committee" would win top honors every year. Also, if brains were C-4, Feinstein and Burr couldn't blow their own noses.
  • Comey: 'Of course' FBI would leverage precedent in San Bernardino case

    Old lawyer joke, which is certainly applicable to this lying sack of shit:
    Q: "How can you tell if James Comey is lying?"
    A: "His lips are moving."
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  • Apple sticking to family-friendly video efforts to avoid offense from viewers

    1. Disney has shown, not just nipples, but, no shit, full-frontal nudity in one of their movies. a. What's the title of the movie. b. What's the name of the actress in question? 2. In the immortal (paraphrased) words of Robin WIlliams: "You have to remember that America was founded by the Puritans - people so uptight that even the Brits couldn't stand them and kicked them out."
  • Goldman Sachs may accept 'subprime' Apple Card applications

    Another weirdness is that the Transunion credit score they showed as their rate-setting number for me was about 50 points LOWER than my actual Transunion score as checked slightly before and again after my acceptance call. I called Apple, who transferred me to Goldman's special customer service for Apple Card. The agent checked, found the discrepancy between my actual score and the one they used for rate-setting and filed a complaint. We'll see if the rate changes, but the whole thing strikes me as suspicious.
  • Tim Cook says he's 'offended' by government smears in latest Time cover story

    When Apple filed its most recent brief, defending our personal privacy and security, James Comey was in Chine, meeting with its top cop. Is there any possible way the contrast could be more stark?
  • Take a stand against the Obama/FBI anti-encryption charm offensive

    Daniel, please please please don't refer to the incident as terrorism, unless you refer to shooting up an office Christmas party as an act of terror. The only reason the DOJ uses that term is because the morons pee their pants every time someone in authority invokes the boogeyman "TERROR!" or "Muslim". The non-postal workers shooting up their workplace were NOT terrorists - they were wackos who happened to be Muslim. Don't fall into buying the Feeb's nonsense manipulative rhetoric. Anyone who uses the term terrorist to describe that incident is supporting the Feebs. Don't be that guy.
  • Apple hires away Amazon exec to head up corporate digital security, report says

    FBI director James Comey's aggressive authoritarian attacks against Apple and other tech companies since taking the job in 2013 has done incalculable damage to the FBI's reputation. Making it almost impossible for any CEO to trust, much less want to "cooperate" with the FBI going forward. This is bad for the FBI and bad for the country. Frankly, I think Comey should resign.
    Perhaps Comey's recent trip to China was just a job search. He's looking for a position in a country with a more congruent stance on the balance of state vs. individual control.
  • California Assembly considers bill to mandate encryption backdoors

    Sadly, it's time for every single tech company to follow Halliburton's lead and move their HQ's and legal addresses offshore, and post a note explaining that they don't want to be above the law - they want to be beside it. Feinstein in one of the idiots who MAKE the laws so demanding fealty is part of her package. Fuck her and the local tools by moving their tax base out of town.