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  • Google I/O 2016: Android deployment rate slips backward by 20 percent

    spheric said:
    I notice that DED uses an example of a vzw GS5 a phone that coindently is upgradable to to Android 5.0 lollipop. Just pointing out that Is purposefully being misleading as many places where you can buy a new iPhone 5s market it with iOS 7 we all know the truth there.

    As far as software updates Android manufacturers will often stop updating phones when they will not stand to benefit from the update and it will cause negative user experience. Apple tends to never do this sometimes updating phones to they are unusable. Just pointing out a few observations. And for your pleasure a screen shot of my device. some smart people go the Nexus route. If only more people knew it could be Apple vs Nexus true great devices
    I'm gonna go out on a limb and claim that the places where you can still buy new 5s do not have significant numbers of that phone in stock. Certainly no major provider is pushing them just to get rid of all the stock they never managed to sell (these are very probably all phones that Samsung "shipped" one and two years ago, padding their numbers).
    It's cute that this phone can be upgraded to a system that is then merely a year out of date, with no hope of being upgraded beyond that. If you really want to argue Android superiority, my recommendation is that you DO NOT TOUCH upon update availability.

     Judging by sales numbers of the Nexus devices, there are apparently very, very few "smart people" using Android. This article is not about them, anyway.
    My sister got the latest update on her GS5 quite a while ago. AI shouldn't hide facts
  • Samsung may beat Apple to the punch with global live TV subscription service

    dewme said:
    This is a recurring pattern. 1) Samsung gets wind of something Apple is working on and quickly pushes out a shabby rendition of what they think Apple is going to do. They don't want to be accused of slavishly copying Apple, which they do, and somehow think that their poorly rendered preemptive strikes allow them to one-up Apple. While this may get them some clicks from adoring fans and low brow media, the real losers are customers who actually pay money for Samsung's Speculativeware products. 2) The first day Apple's version gets publicly exposed the Samsung versions become landfill and eBay fodder. 3) Samsung goes back to the tracing board, copies Apple for their second release, and claims they're not copying because their product in fact hit the market first. Hey, maybe it's a reasonable ego inflation and market rationalization strategy for Samsung itself but it's a very predictable butt hurt pattern for Samsung's customers who get duped by betas disguised as products.
    So even if Samsung does first or later, it's still a copy?  Couldn't agree
  • Samsung not separating OLED business [updated]

    foggyhill said:
    evilution said:
    Apple do need to pull something out the hat with the iPhone 7.

    I hate Android as an operating system and Samsung are scumbags but even so, the Galaxy S7 has a great screen, high DPI and an exceptional battery life despite the terribly inefficient OS that has been defecated into it.

    The iPhone still kills the Galaxy phones on many areas like the OS, security, voice control, design, etc but the screen and the battery are the 2 things people notice the most.
    The DPI if you account for pentile is not much higher than the Iphone 6s+. Battery life is generally not considered "great" by any measure and throttling is just terrible. Higher heat will kill the battery much faster too, especially if the phone is intensely used.
    2 of my friends switched to Galaxy S7  from their iPhone 6. They are really satisfied with their purchase. Specially with the  camera, screen and battery life. Haven't heard heat issue from them yet.
  • Apple eyeing 800,000-square-foot property for autonomous car project, report says

    JinTech said:
    bobschlob said:
    Here's how it's going to roll; Alphabet will buy Tesla, and it will be game over.
    I think Musk has to much pride to sell out to a company like Alphabet. 
    What do you mean by a  company like 'Alphabet'?  It's a very successful company
  • FBI director says legal war on encryption far from over

    foggyhill said:
    So, the FBI is at war with the US public and chasing unicorns too (war with encryption (sic)).

    The FBI is hoping people will put short passcodes? Hope away dear FBI, cause that's the only way you're getting into those encrypted phones.

    The use of the word unlocked for those phone is utter bullshit; just like the abuse of the word "hacked".

    This is complete and utter nonsense Comey; nice try though.

    Hire a better bull shit artist next time.
    Nonsense comment