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  • Company, not Cook, will be held responsible if Apple loses fight over FBI case, experts say

    Formal those apple supporters answer this. Would you continue to allow all terrorists, organized criminals, hitmen, and drug dealers to do business with absolute certainty, that because they are using apple products that they cannot be detected regardless what attempts are legally made by law enforcement through the courts. We are not saying that at whim law enforcement would have to write an order detailing their reasons for invading such privacy, but they would have to take this order to a judge and convince this person who in most cases are elected by the general public and convince this judge of their reasons and if this person agree's then and only then they would get permission. Stop the fear mongering, your comments are utter exaggeration and no one has even implied any such thing, the government is by the people and for the people. If you don't like the government then you have every right to attempt to change it, but suggesting the above is absolutely ridiculous.
  • San Bernardino victims to support FBI in iPhone decryption fight

    Are the majority of commenters really believing what you are saying. The FBI is trying to prevent further episodes like this, and Tim Cook is only interested in protecting his bottom dollar, the entire worth of Apple is not worth the single life of any of those of who died. Come to reality people we do not protect these people, and the only ones concerned in their protection, are obviously doing something, they have to protect. I guess the people who side with Apple on this will not care until it someone they care, or love, that gets killed.