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  • iPhone 7 owners say phones producing 'hissing' sound under heavy task loads

    artharg said:
    Ouch. Seems like no one here has been around long enough to recognize this. It's the clock of the processor you're hearing through some sort of electromagnetic coupling to the enclosure. In this case it must a beat frequency that is within the audible range. I remember being able to tell by ear which part of a program a CPU was in. Different loops made different noises.
    This would've been my guess too. The iPhone isn't actually hermetically sealed around the speaker and the microphone. It has a series of meshes that have holes which are small enough so that the water surface tension isn't broken and it can't flood these areas. Besides, there's not enough air inside the phone that would enable hot and expanding air to make a noise that's this consistent and long lasting. It's interference.

    I guess time will tell what kind of interference it is exactly.
  • Google's search engine crawler to stop identifying as an iPhone come April

    jdgaz said:
    duck duck go for me. works fine. maybe not as pretty at the google.
    It's just slower. Users who give Google full access and frequent use get suggestions that are borderline amazing, and searches are so fast that you often don't even have to execute the search -- the answer will be in a suggestion. There's a tradeoff of privacy vs. convenience here, and they're excelling at leveraging both.
    Trade off of privacy versus convenience? That's not a very good trade.
    Duck Duck Go isn't very good (in my case) at finding relevant searches. So I found something that is, and I don't have to sacrifice my privacy to use it. Ever heard of https://startpage.com ? It uses Google underneath, but it also acts like a wall between you and it. Fun stuff :)
  • How Donald Trump's election as U.S. President could affect Apple

    kbrum said:
    Wow, what misconception in many comments above.  Trump is going to help Apple by lowering the tax of bringing profits back to the USA for use here.  Nothing or very little has been said otherwise. Trump wants manufacturing here.  It just does not make sense to pay people not to work in America and pay individuals in other countries to do the work.  I don't really care what they make, but they have to work for what they get.  So, we pay individuals to sit at home watching TV, playing video games, doing drugs, etc. ---when they could be doing something useful like making products.  Wow, lets think about it.   One fifth of homes do not have anyone working in the household.  This is really Great for self esteem.

    I have been involved with manufacturing innovations for over 50 years.  We cannot seem to spend the monies to innovate here, but send it elsewhere.  I worked at Boeing innovating manufacturing processes.  They sent our innovations (including equipment) to Mexico and Italy for free???????  Incidentally they screwed it up and caused as much rework as the original cost.

    I have been an Apple Advocate for years, not agreeing with their principals and political views, but like many of their products, especially software.  I feel today they are on a ledge and possibly at a point to make bad decisions.  Innovation certainly is at a low low.  Every one is catching up or beating Apple to the punch.

    Also, many of you believe in Global Warming caused by us.  I don't.  I probably have more experience and more education regarding this than any of you commenting.  Far more than Gore, thats for sure.  I don't believe in excessive waste or misuse of resources.  I certainly do not want to export natural gas.  Where is our head??????????? The Global warming cause is an international political grab for power, nothing else.  It cannot be substantiated via documentation.  I just spent a week in San Francisco, I saw only two Electric vehicles (Tesla's) the complete time.  I did see a lot of other waste and stupid spending during that time. It is my opinion California does not have it together in any way.  I'll take the midlands.  And------I am very tired of California attempting to force their political/enviromental crap on us because of trade unfairness?????????

    So... you say that you're more educated than most of us here. Then you proceed to say that you've worked for over 50 years. Which makes you over 70 years old and educated over half a century ago. Things have changed. This is evident in the way you elaborate on your points. 

    I wouldn't even reply had it not been for your little rant on global warming on an APPLE website. I'm sorry that you haven't educated yourself on this matter. But maybe I just care more about it, being able to live here and raise my kids, since I'm half your age and do make a point in continually educating myself.

    You've done the damage you could to this planet. I'd like to ask you not to do much more. Since I, my kids and literally millions of people around the world, including Apple, need it and care for it more than you obviously do. 

    I'm guessing you'll think that I'm provoking you. That's not my goal. My goal is to have you go and read actual scientific papers. You know, the ones you say cannot substantiate the claims. (While apparently an angry orange man can) Because I'm willing to bet that you haven't read a single one.