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  • Launch day iPhone 7 Plus, jet black iPhone 7 allotment sold out, Apple says

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    Sold out globally. Impressive. 
    Is it impressive or a marketing stunt. They sell out year after year. Why don't they just make millions more before launch - what doesn't sell will sell pre-christmas. 
    Okay, how many? How many more million? Store them where? How much more time devoted to production and security of storage, should they start building iPhone 8s right now so they have enough for next year's model? How much money do you expect to pay for this, because the cost has to be embedded in the phone for storage, extra security to protect these filled warehouses which store *unsold* product worth potentially billions of dollars. What is the exact formula, other than simply, "more." The costs, the supply chain constraints, the security, the money spent in the stock that just sits there, the lead time to manufacture millions of phones, perhaps the problem is all the impatient people who day one "MUST HAVE TODAY!" attitudes that should be managed, eh?!
    You think the stock would just sit there? Really? It's darn obvious that if Apple had a few million more available they wouldn't be sitting around gathering dust. Your post doesn't make much sense since it's based on the flawed premise they'd have to be stuffed in a warehouse until someone wanted them.

    To be honest I don't really understand why every iPhone launch, every single one, starts out with "constrained supply" unless that's the way Apple prefers it. 9 years in now if Apple wanted plenty of iPhones available for launch day, and considering Tim Cook's reputation as a master of the supply chain, they would have them. They can't reasonably be surprised by the demand after all these years. So the simplest explanation, which more often than not is the correct one, is that it all happens because that's the way Apple wants it. They would appear to be totally unconcerned, perhaps even pleased, if initial product stock can't meet demand, and why not? They're not going to lose any sale if someone has to wait an extra week or two to get an iPhone, and on the plus side it builds anticipation, evidence for a great product that everyone must want, and a sense of rarity "so get it now" leading to perhaps more demand for a few more of 'em. It works so there's zero reason to change anything.  Next year they same thing will play out just as it has for the past nine.
    Another, "I know better than they do," expert on supply chain management. YES, the fucking stock would sit there. Do you know how many months in advance they start to build these things? Do you realise how many components go into the making of these phones, and those of course would need to be fabricated FIRST, such as the chips. You demonstrate zero knowledge of business in your "they aren't going to lose any sale" and utter ignorance of corporate risk and management/business decisions, it's laughable. But, any opportunity to slam Apple from the armchair critics association of people who have never held positions such as those.
    Who the hell is slamming Apple?? Certainly not me. As I pretty plainly said this is the way Apple wants it to be IMHO. If they wanted a few million more available to sell at each year's launch they very obviously could since they already know the initial demand is ALWAYS high and everything they have will sell in very short order.
    So no I "don't know better than they do" since I agree with the way they're doing it now. It works. I just think I know better than you do. :)
    It could also be that Apple physically cannot ramp higher that readily each time- too much for infrastructure, suppliers, etc even with given lead times. I recall reading how Samsung was recently experiencing delays supplying components for ramping up  Galaxy 7 and Note 7, and yet those are still roughly only about a quarter of iPhones sales. Apple IMO is pretty unappreciated for their strengths in the unsexy sides of SCM.
  • 'Cold' smiley, frowning poo among 67 emoji potentially headed to iPhone & Mac in 2018

    zoetmb said:
    I really don't understand the obsession with emoji and their use by anyone over 12 years old.  In most circumstances, I'd be embarrassed to use one.  Same for that sticker crap that Apple was promoting in recent TV ads.   Maybe I've become a "get off my lawn" guy, but I can't imagine myself using any of that at any age.   Apple is selling $600 phones and $3000 computers to people who use stickers in text messages?  
    Yeah you’re an old grumpy guy now. Different strokes. I’m in my 40s and my friends and I enjoy well placed emoji. They represent feelings or ideas in a more playful way than words alone. It’s fun. It‘s a form of gamification. 
    Agreed. 50+ here and ~1000 mi away from family. Emoji are great fun to liven up the jokey texts that my siblings and I love to send to each other. I also find it especially so on iOS, which has such detailed and attractive versions.
  • Canadian sues Apple over Apple Watch scratches that he made [u]

    Some people hope for a quick buck. Small claims suits for big companies may well be cheaper and less hassle to just pay off. 
  • Secure messaging app Confide for iOS finds popularity with White House staff, reporters

    Except on Twitter many security experts aren't convinced Confide is actually all that secure. But it has done a masterful job of marketing.
  • Walmart subsidiary now an Apple authorized reseller

    Soli said:
    I wonder if Apple will ever start requiring Apple resellers to use Apple Pay.
    I actually tried out because it supposedly supported Apple Pay but it didn't work for me. Customer service was super friendly and super useless so I haven't tried again. Nonetheless I wish all web commerce sites would jump on. On other sites it works beautifully.