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  • Taika Waititi slams Apple's MacBook Pro keyboards in Oscar speech

    dewme said:
    So, some guy gets his few minutes of fame and brief access to a bully pulpit to thank his supporters and possibly call the world to action for a noble cause, and he uses this opportunity to whine about his personal issues with a keyboard. 

    You *do* realize the man is a comedic talent? Not everyone has to be Greta Thunburg with their moment of access.
  • The Big Redesign Feedback Thread

    on iPad.

    the two (TWO) persistent menu bars needlessly take up valuable space.
    the scroll up animations are distracting and unnecessary.
    the top and featured stories should be a collapsable/hide-able preference.
  • 2019 MacBook Pro keyboard changes don't look like they're going to do much

    Hey Roger, unless you’re a keyboard designer with decades of experience, you have absolutely no basis for making a judgment as to whether these changes are going to “do much.” It makes you and AI look like idiots and trolls. When you’re dealing with “dust” particles causing keyboard failures, will changing the materials from one polymer to another make a difference? I don’t know and neither do you. I’m as frustrated with these keyboards as anyone, but announcing in the headline that the changes don’t look like they’re going to do much is really disingenuous.
  • The Big Redesign Feedback Thread

    The more times I visit, the less I like this redesign, too busy, the high contrast is jarring, the persistent nav bars are distracting. The whole design gets in the way of the content. I know people like to have a project: a visual refresh/rebrand. But a simple scrolling list of great AI content starting with the most recent, is ALL that’s needed.

    I do not like spending time here, anymore. I normally come here multiple times a day to check on updates. But now each time feels like I’m getting smacked in the face.
  • Apple reportedly in negotiations to expand New York City office location

    As someone who’s lived in NYC for over 20 years, I can tell you whatever news source is telling you it’s a riot zone, has failed you. High achievers will always gravitate toward population centers NYC. And NYC has structural advantages that make it better able to survive and more quickly recover than perhaps any other city. Apple knows this even if people who don’t live here don’t.